This morning, when I got up to take the little Scottie boys outside, it was a whopping -6 degrees! Wow, that was enough to awaken me quickly! Not only was it cold, but the wind got to kicking up something fierce.

We are fortunate the woodstove we use to heat has no problem keeping us toasty warm in the coldest of weather. It is just such a shock to the system to step from a warm and cozy room into the cold! It is kind of like jumping into a cold pool of water! Brrrrr……

I wasn’t going to post any snow pictures, as it really is hard to see in a picture what you see in person. Everything is relative, and it is nearly impossible to convey the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by a frosty coating of snow…it always looks so “pretty”! Living in the country as we do, we needn’t travel far to see huge expanses of white “palettes”….totally “virgin snow”, that are just breathtaking! With no marks nor prints in the snow, it reminds me of a huge artist’s palette, awaiting the brush strokes!

Even though the truck doesn’t look “buried”, it took almost an hour to clear it off and shovel the snow away from it so Mark could plow it off down the driveway!

My little stream that runs across the front yard has now been hidden under a blanket of white.

The camper looks so pitiful sitting there buried in the snow! But it will soon be on the road again, happily hosting our family!

Ben’s fort of snow has now “disappeared” in the midst of all the piles of snow!

In looking up into the woods behind the house, one would never appreciate the frigid temps and bone-chilling winds this morning. Everything looks so peaceful out there!

This afternoon, I had to run to WalMart for Mark. Our local store is 16 miles away. Shortly after Ben and I started out, we turned onto one of the major roads, thinking it might be in good condition. The road looked in good shape, however, as we headed up the hill, a man was coming down in a small Subaru. Apparently, he was going too fast, and as he came towards us, his rearend fishtailed out into our lane. Ben became suddenly very quiet….thankfully, the man was able to straighten himself out, missing us. His antics certainly put me into *alert mode*!

We made our way to the store, did our shopping and arrived safely home before the sun set. I was so glad to be home again. Even though I had no problems getting around in the poor conditions, I took it very slow, as I just didn’t trust the roads! In weather this cold, not many compounds do any good on “greasy” roads. We went out in the new pickup truck, and it proved to me that it is an amazing winter vehicle.

Keep safe, keep warm!