The Weatherman Said…

The Valentine’s Day storm is “now winding down”…He also said that it has left many folks without power. Now, with the temps as low as they are, THAT is scarey.

I worked outside for several hours today, and I am thoroughly exhausted! To add insult to injury, we were going to go out for dinner, but the poor road conditions warranted a home-cooked meal. I was fortunate that I pulled a turkey breast out of the freezer a couple of days ago, so dinner wasn’t too hard! I did make Garlic Mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts to go with the turkey, and that was it! Simple, but everyone ate heartily!

Michelle worked alongside Mark and I most of today. She is such a good helper! We unburied the “old” truck and Explorer and put them inside the garage. I had to back the Explorer up over the unshoveled sidewalk, and it felt as though someone was lifting it off the ground! Mark said he watched to make sure it wasn’t going to hit the top of the garage door…it actually DID rise up in the air!

I made a nice fire in the stove in the garage so we could warm up from time to time…

And so, from our hearth to yours, hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay safe and warm!


Today people across this country are celebrating Love. Oh, they sounds so poetic and beautiful, those three words “I Love You”. Roses and chocolate are given as tokens of affection and it seems everyone is loving someone, then there’s some odd number of people who spend today alone and isolated from the whole thing. Some choose to ignore that Love is even a real emotion and its all just a big marketing scheme. Ok, I have to give them credit here, alot of Valentine’s Day is commercial, but the idea behind Love is not. Love is so much more than that between boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, its more than kisses and chocolate love is saying “I want this, but someone else…” its about thinking about other people before ourselves. Love is patient, kind, humble, selfless, in short love is everything about God.

So what do I love? I love Rese’s Penut Butter Cups, I love Underoath, I love hot summer nights, I love NYC… and the list goes on, but do I really LOVE any of these things? Would I give up everything I had for a Peanut Butter Cup? NO! lol, and if I did would probably be reallllllly hungry, huh? Well, I think this is one of the things we get ttly wrong in American dating relationships… we use the word “love” equally as we describe our boyfriend and hott shoes. God created this emotion of love to be so powerful, but do we really know what we love? If you truely love someone you would give your everything to make them happy. I think today thats what I’m gonna do today (instead of drowning myself in a flurry of choclate) I’m going to think about what and who I really love. My mom and dad, my lil brother (Mohawk an all…. don’t ask), my Jesus, this is what I love.