Happy Valentine’s Day!

Many thanks to my fellow Soapnut, Susan, for sharing a wonderful recipe for cutout cookies tonight! I just completed a batch, and Mark and the kids gave the cookies a resounding THUMBS UP! Mark said the cookies were at least as good as a bakery cookie, if not better!

The recipe can be found here:


Once the cookies were baked and cooled, I HAD to put a smidgeon of frosting and sprinkles on them! I put a wee bit of Almond Flavoring in the frosting, as I am an Almond addict!!!

Not sure if I will be able to post an entry tomorrow, as the weatherman is saying we will be doing some shoveling tomorrow….how *romantic*!!!!

Thinking About Mrs Bossmann

Ever have one of those thoughts “pop” into your mind, and you have NO idea where it came from? Well, today, I was thinking about Mrs. Bossmann. She was a very wonderful woman I met many years ago. She was very elegant, and yet, so down to earth! The thing I was thinking about mostly today was that I think she was in her 50’s when I met her. At that point in time, she rode a snowmobile with her husband, and her 90some year old father lived with her and her husband!

Mrs. Bossmann’s husband was named Val. Not many people probably ever questioned what Val stood for, but I knew! Mrs. Bossmann told me that Val’s birthday was February 14, so he was named for the DAY! One can only imagine the humiliation he put up with each year as he was teased….

We were supposed to run out this morning, but one thing after another called for Mark’s attention, and before we knew it, it was afternoon! Mark decided it was too late to run out, and I had nothing planned for dinner, so we called the “local” convenience-type store. They make excellent subs, and Mark and the kids were thinking some wings would be good.

As I walked into the store, there was a flurry of activity! Outside, cars lined up to fill gas tanks, and inside, the store was buzzing about the impending storm. The scene was filled with an air of excitement and anticipation. I waited in line while those ahead of me chatted about the weather. As my turn came up, I leaned towards the clerk and muttered about “remember when WE were kids and the snow would fall in FEET instead of INCHES?” She smiled, saying that she and some others were talking about that very subject earlier in the day.

Well, Mrs. Bossmann was a really accurate prognosticator. Every year, she would predict a bad storm around Valentine’s Day!