The Calm Before the Storm

Today, every time I took the boys outside, I had to swallow hard to unplug my ears….must be there was a change in the atmospheric pressure! (or, my head was really plugged up!!!)

As we walked around outside tonight, I took a picture of my (now nearly hidden) stream in the front yard. It is barely audible anymore, as the snow surrounding it acts as a “muffler”.

I have been reading blogs and on lists about how many people are getting down by the lingering winter weather. I wish there was a way I could help alleviate the anxiety, as I feel almost guilty that I take delight in this weather, but, alas, all that can be done is to wait it out.

I find winter to be such a “cozy” time, enjoying the shortened days and long nights. I enjoy catching a whiff of woodsmoke, and trying to identify the wood that is currently heating the home. I love my snuggly flannel sheets and putting on a warm wool sweater. I love the shadows cast on the ceiling of my lace curtains and the Christmas Cactus in my room from the nightlight I bought at Tractor Supply. I love watching the dogs play in the snow and I really don’t even mind shoveling the snow. The feeling of working hard and getting thoroughly cold only to enter into a warm and welcome home makes the entrance even grander.

My mind wanders off in the winter…I dream of a cozy little cabin off in the woods,complete with no phones nor TV’s…where games are played and time is slowed down to a snail’s pace. I also dream of owning a snowmobile and gliding over fields of snow and breathing in the cold night air while defying the cold! The thought of sledding and making snow angels still excites me….as well as a heavy snowfall.

I adore the bright crystal blue skies, as well as the skies that seem to have disappeared under a veil of snow. I love red cheeks and massaging lotion over dry heels and feet.

We are expecting some heavy snow tomorrow, as our “winter weather watch” has been upgraded to a “winter storm warning”. Perhaps I will get some good pictures! Keep warm, one and all!