A Busy Shopping Day!

I made that tam style hat several years ago when I was on a knitting rampage. I made a Scandinavian sweater that matches it, and that is what I wore when we went out shopping today. Tonight, I came upstairs to find one tired little Scottie boy with the chapeau atop his head, sleeping rather soundly. How could I resist a picture?

Mark wanted to take a run to the Woodcrafts Store today, as he is putting his workshop together, and they have a sale on dust collecting components. It is always fun to look around the store, but also dangerous, as it is filled to-the-brim with all sorts of woodworking ideas! (and heaven knows, I do NOT need more ideas!!!)

After the trip to Woodcrafts, we took the new truck to Delta Sonic for a Super Kiss wash. It really needed it, as the truck looked white instead of its golden color! After the wash, it looked SO much better! And darker!

Michelle has been needing a new winter coat, so we decided to look at Burlington Coat Factory. We delved through what seemed like hundreds of coats. I was rather disappointed by the high price tags and low quality of what was hanging on the racks. Michelle found one coat that she loved. It was a Jennifer Lopez brand name. (J-Lo) When I looked at the price of $89.99, I told her I really thought it was a nice coat, but I didn’t want to spend that much, as she might very well outgrow it within a year. The look of disappointment was so tough, but I just couldn’t spend that much.

We stopped by Land’s End to see if we might find a coat there. They only had a few odds and ends of coats. Michelle had her heart set on a black coat, waist length, and preferably with faux fur around a hood.

Michelle had mentioned that she wanted to look at Bon Ton and since it was right across the parking lot from Land’s End, I was game. As we headed into the Junior Department, it was obvious there were no winter coats there. Michelle wanted to leave, the look of disappointment becoming even more evident on her face. I had advised her as we headed into the store that perhaps it was too late to look for a coat, as they are placed on sale immediately following Christmas.

Something drew me to the ladies section of the store, Michelle following behind, saying to just forget it. As we walked through the racks of (quite conservative) coats, it looked like another lost cause. However, I noticed a small woman trying on a black coat with a fur hood as we passed through. Michelle found a cute LEI coat….it was dark brown with a fur trimmed hood, but it just wasn’t right. I watched the woman hang the black coat back on the hanger. I walked over as Michelle took off the brown coat….I grabbed the black coat and asked her to try it on. She did and was THRILLED with it. I had caught a glimpse of the name brand as I picked it off the hanger….J-Lo! We looked at the price tag and it read $200. Ouch! I know that Bon Ton has a policy to move as much merchandise through the store as possible, as I worked in a Bon Ton several years ago.

We took the coat to the register, and when the clerk told us it was $49.99, I wanted to KISS her! Michelle GOT a J-Lo coat for $40.00 LESS than the one at Burlington! She was so happy, she wore the coat around the house tonight!

And, the coolest part? It was the ONLY J-Lo coat in the store!!!