This morning when I awakened, I noticed something very different

For the first time in days, the wind was not *howling*! I rolled over on the bed and looked out the window….sure enough, the trees are actually standing STILL! It seems so funny to be so impacted by silence, but the noise level here has been rather loud of late!

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to make up a batch of soap for a wholesale order. The girl wanted an orange soap, so I used sweet orange essential oil and added some non-discoloring vanilla just to keep the orange scent from fading. This order was also for some doublemint soap, which I made three days ago. For one reason or another, that particular soap needed to linger in the mold a bit longer. These soaps are for someone who sells olive oil and are made as castile soaps, with extra virgin olive oil and a touch of shea butter. She loves the bars, and has decided orange and doublemint would be good “spring” soaps.

After making the soap, Michelle and I cleaned the house, while doing laundry in between. Oh, also, I was keeping two fires going….one in the house and one in the garage so Mark could work out there. As it was, Mark decided he needed to make a run for parts when a pin on the plow on the ATV broke. He figured while he was out, he would get some stuff for the woodworking table. So, he and Ben went out. I still kept the fire in the garage going.

The guys didn’t make it home until 8:00! And, they had bought us lunch at a Chinese restaurant at about 3….it was STILL warm! So, we ate, and shortly after, I think I FELL into bed!

Oh, I forgot…yesterday, when I tried to start the old truck again, it was dead, so I put the charger on it. This morning, it was fully charged, and Mark took it for a spin.

This morning, I cut the orange soap and placed it on the drying racks. After cleaning the mold, I made up a batch of Tea Tree soap with calendula petals. Several years ago, I was commissioned by a fellow over in Switzerland to make this soap for him. I sent 200 bars of soap across the ocean by SHIP! Anyway, when Michelle’s friend told her his mom wanted a few bars of Tea Tree soap,this was what I thought of and made. Tea Tree is NOT among my favorite scents, but with the petals in there, it becomes a pretty yellow.

This is the Tea Tree soap sitting in the plexiglass mold.

As I was looking through the pictures on my camera, I came across a rather odd one….

Can you *believe* this? Angus actually conned poor little Murphy into sitting on the pizza pan….see the box of chicken tenderloins sitting next to Murphy? I can almost HEAR Angus telling Murphy to just SIT there and he could eat the chicken….

WHAT am I going to DO with Angus……