Life in the Deep Freeze???

I really need to say that all the warm temps we experienced earlier this winter MUST have had some influence on our “systems”. Although the temperatures surpassed any previously recorded this week, the wind nearly did this dyed-in-the-wool northerner in today!

This afternoon, Ben wanted to go up to the neighbors’ to skate on their ice rink. I was thrilled, as I haven’t skated in years…about 8. I dragged out my skates…WHEN did my kids get such BIG feet…*my* skates look like they belong draped over a rearview mirror, for pity’s sake! I tried them on and they did indeed still fit. (I guess I figured if the kids’ feet had grown so much, perhaps MINE had, as well!)

Drat…as Ben and I headed out the door, I checked the front tire on my Explorer…yup, it obviously has a slow leak. Even though I am not a procrastinator, I assured Mark I would fill the tire up again as soon as I returned from skating.

We hopped into the new truck and were on our way! We got to 4-wheel it to the skating rink and that was kind of fun! Our previous pickup was not a 4X4, and we never realized just how much we were missing until we bought the new one!

Ben rang the doorbell and waited as the neighbor boy dressed to skate. As they were at the house, I parked near the rink and donned my little hockey skates. I had fun just skating around by myself for about 20 minutes, until the boys came over to the rink. Equipped with pucks and sticks, I knew my ice time had come to a close, so I removed my skates and replaced them with my boots.

I sat out on a picnic table near the ice for some time, then realized that the strong westerly wind was beginning to get to me!

I watched as the faces of the boys turned rosier and rosier, wondering how long they would continue to skate. I was almost embarrassed as I crawled back into the truck and turned it on, blasting the heater all the way! I got out to bring Ben’s hat to him, and my neighbor called out to me, telling me that I could go on home if I wanted. She or her husband would bring Ben home when they were done. I agreed this was a good idea as I have a hard time sitting still AND I was getting COLD!

I got home and told Mark I was back. I needed to fill the tire….he asked me to start the old truck just to make sure the battery was OK. Ugh…I filled the tire, fighting the bitter winds that seemed even more intense as the sun was making its way over the western mountain.

As soon as the tire was filled and the compressor put away, I went over to the truck. I opened the door…no light. NOT a good sign. I turned the key in the ignition, and nothing…nada!

I went back inside the house, relaying my findings to Mark. He thought perhaps I should charge the battery with the trickle charger. I must say that the time spent in the cold had a direct correlation to the drop in my body temp!!! I was getting so cold! I told Mark I would rather jump the truck with the Explorer, and he, being sensitive to the fact that my face was now bright cherry RED, told me that would be OK. I connected the cables and jumped the truck. Within about 30 seconds, the truck was running on its own power, and I folded the cables and put them away. I left the truck running for several minutes. By the time I was done, I was so freezing, I thought I would never warm back up again!

After about two hours in the house, I finally began to thaw out again, and now I am just thankful to feel so warm and cozy inside! In all honesty, as much as I love the winter and cold, I don’t think I could withstand those bitter winds pounding on me for very long!

I am not the only wimp! I have noticed that both dogs have begun a new “dance step”….elevating one paw at a time and hopping on the other three! Even though Scotties are hail and hardy with those thick dual layer coats, nothing can protect little paws when the temps are so frigid.

However, Angus has the right idea…..If you can’t beat ’em, JOIN ’em!

Do you suppose they make a wee hockey skate for a Scottie boy?