Wow! So Cool!

I had decided to take a look at Picassa, but never really “played” with it before. This morning, I selected one of the photos I took the other night, and opted for the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. This is what I got!


This is so much better than the original picture and it has an almost oil painting look to it!

Because Picassa is also a Goggle entity, you can simply select your picture, and then hit the “Blog This” button and TA DA! You are able to blog from Picassa. This is so cool! I also love the Picassa look and indexing for my pictures. There is a lot of latitude for keeping track of them, etc. although I have never had much of an opportunity to fiddle around there.

The Bristolwood is frighteningly CHILLY for those who don’t like winter! It has climbed up to -1 degree right now, and I am not complaining! Yesterday, it was 4 degrees when I ventured out at 5:30 AM. I played in “managing” three vehicles in the snow and getting paths, sidewalks and the porches cleared. I originally went out without my gloves, but needed to grab them after about an hour out there! I had to finally come back in at 10:30 after I got my gloves all wet, swiping the drippy, melty snow off the windows of the Explorer!

Even though it is cold, it is startlingly beautiful out there! So, if you don’t have the heart to get out in the cold, please DO enjoy at least looking at it through the windows!

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