Tonight was Michelle’s Bible Study night, so, I decided I was NOT going to leave the camera behind this time! With (serious) thoughts about that new camera I mentioned last night, I am trying to really press this one…I love this camera, even though I know that the Canons seem to get top billing amongst users.

My c-5050 zoom is a relatively “old” camera with an article I found in DP Review stating Olympus released info on the camera in October of 2002! Yikes! I bought the camera in May of 2003 so I could get good pictures of Angus.

So, although the pictures are not that great, here is what I have to offer!

This picture is of boat houses on the lake. There are summer homes above the boathouses….no one seems to winter there at all.

This picture was taken looking across the northern end of the lake. The water is not frozen there, and if you look very closely (IE, squinting your eyes and looking REAL hard) you can see the geese in the foreground.

Another squint-and-perhaps-you-can-see-the-geese shot!

And this last shot was taken looking to the north towards the park at the head of the lake. Across the street from the park are bars and restaurants, thus lighting up the night sky.

These photos were taken between about 8:10 and 8:20 this evening and no flash was used on any of them. And no, I didn’t have a tripod, either! (I used to belong to the NRA many years ago, and I did learn the skill of a steady hand!)

I only wish you could HEAR the geese! Yes, I do have a movie mode on the camera as well, but I opted not to use it. The geese were so loud….I got out of the truck to take a few of the pictures, and the noise was very intense!

So, another fun session playing with my camera and just having a bit of fun away from the Bristolwood!

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