A Romp in the Snow

Late this afternoon as the sun was beginning to head over the mountains, I took the Scotties out to take some pictures. In all honesty, I was wanting to take Angus only, but as we tried to *sneak* out the door, Murphy came bounding in, little tail wagging behind him….

I wanted to try out the “drive” mode on my camera that allows me to take several pictures in a “rapid fire” mode. Remember the old ads on TV where the photographer was using a 35mm camera with the “motor” on it that allowed him to just continue following after the model as she maneuvered around the set? Well, I sorta have that capability, too.

You see, before I went outside, I asked Mark about the newer generation of Canon Cameras. I have an Olympus, but thought perhaps the new Canons might surpass mine. Well, Mark uncovered a new Olympus with an 18X optical zoom!! It was released yesterday, I think. So, I am in love again.

Anyway, I decided to capture some cool snow pictures of Angus….he did NOT let me down…….

And, when all the fun is over (or, your Mum says it is time to go inside) just let loose and SHAKE!!!!!

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