Making Guitars?

Yup, that was the agenda for today…

Ben has a birthday coming up, and he wanted a different and unique pinata for a party. Oh BOY! He also wanted to have a theme of “music”. So, he told Mark, and Mark being as computer SAVY as I am INEPT, searched around and found a good picture of a guitar. (Mark also PLAYS guitar!) He printed it, blew it up, then Michelle transposed it onto lightweight cardboard….Voila!

Nice shape, eh?

Next, I “cooked” up a batch of “paste” to paper mache the guitar. The next pictures show my family diligently working on the guitar. But, WAIT! Suddenly, there are TWO guitars! The kids were so impressed, they made two!

Yup, the kids did the “dippin'”, and Mark placed the strips on the guitar body.

And, drum roll….the “not-quite-finished” products!

Now they will rest after their two coats of paper mache have been applied and then the kids will do some finishing….

And, totally NOT related, I took some pictures of the Scotties while we were out enjoying the snow this afternoon and I just had to share….

Murphy thinks there is something down in the ditch…

And he convinces Angus to come have a look, too!

Ah well, if all else fails, EAT SNOW!

And Angus enjoys a “snow cone”, too!

And, finally, a picture of Murphy that I just thought was cute!

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  1. The guitars are very cool, great job!
    LOL at the dogs, I can just imagine if they got together with my girls, lol

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