What Do Falling in Ditches and Turkeys in Trees Have in Common?

Well, I will gladly tell you!

Yesterday, we went out as Mark wanted to go to Sam’s Club. This particular store is located 75 miles away. We left early afternoon, and got back home around 8:30. I was so sleepy, I filled the woodstove with wood, and after it began to burn well, I shut the stove down and flopped down to rest. Move ahead to 2:30 am. YIKES! I remembered that the stove was never filled well, nor was it closed down to last the night.

Needless to say, I knew I needed to get up and feed the stove. I padded downstairs and looked out on the porch to check the temperature. 8 below. I then moved over to the stove. The fire was reduced to coals, so I raked them aside, then opened the door of the ashpan. Grabbed the ashpan and headed outside in my nightgown and Crocs. Mark had plowed the driveway yesterday, so I was thankful I could just lean over and throw the ashes down into the ditch where the little stream runs. As I stepped down, I REALLY stepped down! Mark had partially filled the ditch in with snow, and me being rather tired, didn’t realize I had gone too far. I was up to my thigh in cold wet snow! I dumped the ashes (hey, why not?) then pulled myself out of the ditch!

I went to the house, loaded the stove, then fiddled around for 45 minutes while the fire caught to the point that I could secure the stove for the rest of the night. By the time I headed back up to bed, my nightgown was dry. And, it was 3:30!

Let’s just say that once AGAIN, I was glad we have no CLOSE neighbors!!!

Today, well…..LATER today, Michelle and I went to town. We had a few little errands to run and we had fun just looking around a little. We stopped by TJMaxx, and that is always a treat. I wanted to get home before dark, as this was a very cold day, and I just didn’t want to meet up with black ice!

Oops, I forgot to add that as Michelle and I were getting ready to go out today, Angus merrily came running into the living room to see what we were up to! As soon as he figured we were going for “a ride in the car”, he was SO anxious. There was NO way we could leave him at home. That would be like leaving a toddler behind….We gathered up his special pillow and Michelle wrapped her warm down-filled jacket around him. He was so warm and snuggly on the back seat, he never even crawled out from the coat while we were shopping!

I always love coming home on the “back roads”. It is so much slower, the roads less traveled, and I just like them! As we began ascending, Angus knew we were getting closer to home, and he became alert. We turned onto our road, and as I looked on the road ahead, I asked Michelle what is that on the road? She affirmed that it was a turkey. Not a big deal, as we certainly have wild turkeys in the woods.

As we came closer, we saw three turkeys hustling through the snow. Then, we spotted THEM…..Michelle gasped! Do turkeys FLY? I giggled, because there is little more humorous than seeing a turkey fly….their wings are too small, their bottoms too heavy, and they just look very *FUNNY*! As soon as I told this to Michelle, the five that had been resting atop the trees took flight……I only wish I had my camera!

So, my day was coming to a close much the way it began early in the morning…or, middle of the NIGHT! Life just has so many funny little turns, and if we can see the humor in our days, we enjoy them all the more. AND, we have such stories to TELL!!!!

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  1. katnap, thank you! I am slowly learning to navigate my way around! Can you tell I LOVE the color “blue”?

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