Winter Wonderland

That is precisely how it looks this morning! The trees are frosted in white and there is probably 2 or 3 inches of fluffy white snow atop the landscape. It sure is pretty, and if this would have been Christmas morning, I would have been jumping for JOY! But, I still love it, albeit late!

Michelle had her Bible study last night, and Carly wondered if I might like her to come and meet me! We did, and we had so much fun just kind of kicking around together! We rarely spend time together without the kids, so this was a treat…NO distractions!

We went over to Panerra Bread for a bowl of soup and then we stopped by the new WalMart. We walked around there for a while, then realized we soon needed to pick Michelle up. I needed gas ($2.44.9) so I stopped at Hess near the lake. We still had just a few minutes to spare, so I drove out onto the pier on the lake. It was so BEAUTIFUL and Carly excitedly spotted Canada Geese out on the lake.

To our sheer amazement and delight, there were literally *thousands* of geese just “parked” there for the night! They were close to the shore, and apparently, this is their method of rest. Because there is little lighting on the pier, and it was snowing lightly, you could only see the geese as the headlights hit them. Then, the little white stripes on their back sides looked as though they were “fluorescent”! They actually looked as though they were those strips that runners wear on their clothing so drivers can see them in the dark.

It was soon time to get Michelle, so we drove back to the church where Carly had parked her car. Michelle came out, and it was time to head on home.

On a sad note, the woman who coordinates the community Bible study lost her brother or brother-in-law this past week. Carly called last night and said she found information about it on the internet, and he was only 39 years old. That really is far too young for a man to leave this world….I know we hear it over and over again, but the reality is that each day we have is a gift and a blessing…let us attain to make the most of each one!

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