Today I had to run down to our “local” little town to mail some letters AND to try out the new Chinese restaurant. Yes, what a surprise to have Chinese food only 8 miles from home!

As I drove on one of the roads, I stopped at the overlook the town built a year or two ago. I had never done this before, and I was impressed at how nice it is, complete with picnic tables. Um, shouldn’t they have *stored* them for the winter, though? Not too sure how long they will last in the elements!

Here is a picture I took looking up the lake. I must comment that as SOON as I got my camera out of its bag, the SNOW began falling, giving the picture kind of a surreal look to it.

As I hopped out of the car, my mind drew me over to the plantings at the side of the house…..I wondered if those poor little Daffodils were frozen solid. I carefully brushed back the snow where I thought they were…..surprise! Oh yes, I covered them back up after taking their picture!

I had to giggle as I leaned over, looking at the Daffodils. My father had given us a “Garden Frog” a few years ago….I had forgotten to take him into the garage for the winter, and his little face glared out through the snow!

I made my way to the backyard to photograph Ben’s new structure! We have had perhaps 4 inches of snow the past few days, and Ben has basically collected it ALL to make his snow fort.

Mark is always concerned about safety, so he gives Ben pieces of plywood and 2×4’s so he can give his fort more stability.

Ben built this little fort in a matter of only a few hours. He used a large bucket to form the walls of his structure. So, if I were caught in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere, I guess I would want Ben on my team!!