Naughty Puppy!!!

AND, a young teenage girl with a *wild* imagination equals something too funny!

Last night, as I was on the computer, I heard Murphy chewing on something, but I ignored him. Michelle came into the room and squealed. So, what was all the noise about?

On Friday, we received a postcard from the vet’s office advising us that Murphy needed an appointment for his rabies booster. I dismissed the card, as I had already made an appointment for Saturday. I set the card with all the other recyclable paper.

Snoopy little Murphy somehow picked THAT particular card out of all the papers in the pile, and took it away. This is what he had been chewing on earlier. Michelle caught him in the act and brought the little pieces that were left over for me to see.

As I glanced at the offerings, I shook my head in disgust, telling Murphy what a NAUGHTY little boy he was! But, Michelle looked at me in such a way……

“Mom, Murphy made a little message for you to tell you how he feels about you!”

She flipped one of the pieces of paper over…..OH my GOODNESS!!!!

All this without opposable thumbs….hmm….I wonder what would happen if we taught Murphy about Origami?