Feeling a Bit Like a Misfit!

It seems like everywhere I go, people are complaining about the cold weather. They say it is *so* cold. Hmmmm….Today, I went outside with the dogs, one at a time, so we could enjoy a little walk around the yard. As I looked at the thermometer, it sent a bit of a “shiver” down my spine, but as I ventured forth into the outdoors, I felt so pleasantly surprised! Even though the temps remained below 20 here, it felt so much warmer than yesterday, as there were no blustery winds!

I walked Angus outside first, as he was sitting by the door, indicating that he needed to go out. We walked all around the front of the house, but I forgot to grab my camera. We were outside a good 15 or 20 minutes, just meandering about….he, sniffing about as though seeking some little rodent running amuck…and I, I was just breathing deeply, feeling so revitalized by the fresh air. We wandered about and then I suddenly realized that Murphy was awaiting his turn!

I finally convinced Angus to go inside and I snapped the leash on Murphy and we headed out the door, complete with camera!

One of Murphy’s favorite things to do in the winter is plow the snow with his bearded face, while ingesting mouthsfull of the frozen delicacy!

As we made our way across the front of the house, we followed the stream. There is something so enchanting about a running stream in the winter. The glistening of the water, the gentle, somewhat melodious sound…almost a laughing sound, as it chases after its predestined path, feeling somewhat victorious that the freezing temperatures have neither impeded its course, nor caused it to become a frozen tribute to itself. There is also the promise in that little stream that warmer days will arrive, just as surely as it runs down its course.

As I became lost in the beauty and intrigue of the stream, a tug at the leash soon caused me to snap back to the business at hand! My little *snow machine* followed the trail previously scribed in the snow by Angus. We walked along, just a bit more briskly, as Murphy is not quite as fond of the frozen turf as Angus. Although he never complains, Murphy will certainly head towards the house when the word is mentioned, as though “enough is enough”!

Just one more shot of the little stream before it tumbles towards the road and down the hill…..

I was warm enough in my winter coat, and enjoying the scenery…I could have remained outside for a great deal longer. But my little companion was getting just a bit “antsy” to head back to the house.

Taking a picture of a very dark dog is so hard, but I was able to catch Murphy standing still for a moment….this was just as the sun was setting over the hill.

For those who do not enjoy this cold weather, do not fear…it is nearing the end of January, and as the days stretch out, it seems like the weather begins to warm up. We have had such a mild winter this year, I am enjoying each snowflake…every cold wind that rushes past the house. I have left the doors and windows open til the house “shivered”, doing what I call an “air exchange”! I am only able to do this as we heat with a very efficient woodstove that loves this little exercise! I do believe it helps us to stay healthy, as well!

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