Frigid, Frosty, but reFreshing!

Today was really pretty nippy! I love being outside when the temperatures drop, but it was cold today, as there was a brisk wind! Last night, I was wondering if the house might perhaps blow off its foundation….it was that windy!

The kids had signed up to attend “Gladiator Games” at the Christian center about 40 miles away. I had also made an appointment for Angus and Murphy to see the vet for Rabies vaccinations. I figured I need to do this, as I need to get Murphy licensed.
The kids needed to be at the center at 1:30, and the boys needed to be at the vet at 2:00.

We dropped the kids off, then took off for the appointment. Angus went in first, and I was completely shocked when he barked at the vet when he saw the needle coming! The vet smiled and said he obviously knew what was coming. Then, I went out to the truck and brought Murphy in and left Angus with Mark. Murphy’s shot was uneventful until about an hour or two later when he cried. Mark thinks he had some stiffness and it hurt when he shifted his weight.

After the vet visit, we went to McDonald’s and bought the boys a double cheeseburger. Mark gave Angus one meat patty and I gave Murphy the other. We still had some time to kill, so we looked around at the new trucks (knowing we got a terrific deal on our 2006 model!) and then stopped by a Sear’s store to find out about new ovens and refrigerators.

We picked the kids up at 5:00, and then began the journey home. There is a nice Chinese restaurant near the center, so Mark ordered lunch specials for the kids and himself at 3:00. (the deal ends at 3) As we drove home, the kids kept saying how hungry they were, but they waited til we got home. Hurrah! I don’t need to cook tonight!

As we edged closer and closer to home, the temperature kept dropping…it is about 12 degrees right now, but the house is so cozy and warm. How I love that Jotul woodstove!

Murphy is lying on a blanket, being very quiet, and Angus seems like the shot didn’t bother him at all. Poor little Murphy.

And I shall leave you with Mark’s illustrious description of Murphy….
Mark often looks at Angus and asks,

“Where is your udder brudder from anudder mudder”?

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  1. It got really cold here too last night, about 10 or so, when we came home from my mother’s, Eric had kept the woodstove going all day and it was a balmy 72 degrees, in fact, he complained that it was too hot, an amazing thing a wood stove that’s for sure!

  2. It’s *freezing* here in Albany right now. A bone-chilling cold, where you just can’t seem to get warm! 🙁 Our fridge came from Sears, and we absolutely love it. It has a freezer on the bottom ~ Kenmore. SO glad to know that you have a blog ~ I added you to my list! 🙂

  3. It is so good to see you here, Lisanne! Try to keep warm…I love layering clothes to feel cozy, but I know that isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea”! Thanks for the heads up on the fridge…I was looking at the bottom freezer models. Trying to decide on COLOR seems like the hardest task!

  4. Oops! Becky, 72 is TERRIFIC when the temps are CHILLIN’! Men…they must ALL come with broken thermostats!!!! Either that, or the NEED to just be contrary!!!!!

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