Murphy and The Squirrel!

Yesterday, we went to visit my mother in law at her house. We were supposed to exchange Christmas gifts with Mark’s mom and sister, but time has been slipping by, so we thought we had better do it sooner than later!

Mark’s mom loves dogs, and boy did she spoil Angus and Murphy! They each got a little package of treats. We stayed until early evening, then came back home. On the way, Mark wanted to stop by Circuit City to look at computer speakers. We listened to a few different models, and were blown away by a set that were made by Creative. They were $59, but with rebates, ended up costing only $20! We wound up getting a set not only for Michelle, but Ben as well. Their speakers were old and very big. Since their desks are both quite small, every inch of space counts. Mark is also rebuilding a computer for Ben to try to free up some more space on his desk.

I was so disappointed that I had left my camera (FORGOT, more like it!) at home. As we drove, there were so many spectacular pictures I could have taken! The day after we had our ice storm, the sun came out and melted all of the ice from the tree limbs. I wanted so much to take pictures, but as I walked outside, I could hear the icy shrouds dropping from the trees, and some of them were quite large. Short of donning a helmet, it would have been a bit dangerous to frolic in the woods! Apparently, those to the north of us never warmed up as we did that day, and the ice encrusted limbs still glisten and dazzle in the nocturnal illumination… was so cool to see the ice with street lights shining down and lighting it up.

As soon as we arrived home, I was so sleepy, I came upstairs. Murphy folowed right behind, but he was still full of energy! As soon as I flopped on the bed, he rushed under the bed. As my body sank into the bed, molding itself into the mattress, I suddenly heard all sorts of noise under the bed. I groaned as I rose up to take a look….

A couple of years ago, I bought what I thought was the cutest toy for Angus. It was this cute rather realistic looking squirrel with a tag that read American Kennel Club. Well, Murphy has this *urge* to not “kill” the squirrel, but to totally ***strip*** the squirrel of its furry little body! * Oh, and Angus? Visualize a stuffy Scottish man with a thick brogue, thick eyebrows, verra, verra *dignified*, and you have Angus. He just doesn’t “do” toys…..too silly, you know?

If you look closely at the base of the tail, you can see that the poor little guy is missing some of his fluff. Instead of getting upset, I just grabbed Murphy and the squirrel and placed them both on the bed….Murphy began to tear at the poor little squirrel once again, but I protested. Notice the fur lying on the quilt!

When I finally spoke sternly to Murphy about this most unsavorly “habit”, he left the little squirrel alone, but kept an eye on it!

We settled in for a nice winter’s sleep….and the little squirrel rested, too!

Tonight, I came upstairs to read email. I grabbed the laptop and stretched out across the bed. Suddenly, I felt a wet cold nose on my foot. I turned around and there was Murphy….squirrel fixed in his jaws! I giggled as I picked him up, wondering what was next. He placed the squirrel down by my feet and curled into a little ball at my side. It is so funny how these little pets of ours make us laugh at their quirks!

Hopefully, squirrel and I will both be able to REST tonight!