Melancholy Mama….

I have been complaining about all of the Christmas stuff sitting in the hallway, as I was NOT about to place it back into my poor GROANING closet. Behind our closet, actually…we have a crawl space back there, and it is not my idea of fun to crawl back there! In Michelle’s room, Mark had installed some little doors on the crawl space, and one of the spaces is small and JUST the ideal size for Christmas decorations.

Yesterday afternoon, Mark and Ben were out in the garage working together so Michelle decided to clean an area for the Christmas containers in her “cubby”. She worked steadily, and sure made a lot of noise!

I decided to check up and see how she was coming along….I padded up to her room and YIKES! What a shock! The floor was strewn with all sorts of….*junque*! I never thought of Michelle as a packrat, but she has a cubby in her room, then the two crawl spaces off the cubby. Apparently, she has “tucked away” many things there!

She picked up little trinkets….many she has kept since she was 4 or 5 years old! As she talked about all the little doo-dads, I was overcome with the reality of her young womanhood! She carefully sorted through all the things….some were plain junk, others she neatly tucked into a box for the Salvation Army. She pondered if another little girl might enjoy some of her lightly loved little goods.

Michelle finished up and left a small pile of stuff outside her door for the dump. There was a bucket…it had contained cotton candy at one point. She had washed it out and used it for storage for years! There were pieces of plastic from broken toys. Toys that I remember her playing with just a few years ago…..

WHERE has the time gone?