Yesterday, I got out some steaks I had bought at WalMart the other day. They were sliced thinly, and as I pondered what to do with them, I came up with an idea! The whole family loves the McDonald’s Snack Wraps, but with the chicken strips deep fried, we know they aren’t that good for us. I looked in the fridge, and yup…I had all the elements necessary to make steak snack wraps!

You can only imagine the surprise I felt when everyone requested these again TONIGHT! I was impressed! The only BIG difference was that the temp outside was about 30 degrees COLDER! Yes, the thermometer said 10. As in, 10 degrees….fahrenheit!

The poor grill was enshrouded in white. Better than the ice of yesterday morning, I suppose! As it heated up, the snow all disappeared…..Somehow, I cannot imagine these without the steak being grilled outside!!!

As the grill heated up, I sliced red peppers and onions into thin strips. I had little red pepper left, so I really sliced these into small pieces. I then put a little water on the skillet and covered to steam on low just until the onions were softened.

You can see that these steaks were very thinly sliced, as all three were less than 1 1/2″.

Onto the grill for about 8 minutes……

Then, flipped and grilled for another 8 minutes.

While the steaks are cooking, I cut up lettuce into very fine “shreds”. As soon as the steaks are finished cooking, I slice them also into very thin strips and mix with the red peppers and onions.

Here are the ingredients, ready to be made into wraps. I also have a small cup containing Ranch Dressing. (we love using the Litehouse Ranch from Sam’s Club) As much as I hate microwave ovens, I do place the tortilla shell into the micro for about 30 seconds to heat it up nicely…….

Before placing the goodies on, I put about a heaping teaspoon of dressing on and smear it around (finger painting! hehehehe) Then, a small handfull of the meat combo, lettuce, cheese……

And roll it up!

I think it took longer to explain all of this than it did to MAKE them! This is such a simple, yet very satisfying meal!

Bon Appetit!

The One, The Only!

This morning, I went to visit Duane’s blog…it is always so nice to go there. Anyway, he had a link to see how many of “you” there are in the US. Well, apparently, since there are 0 of me living in the US, I must not EXIST! Wow, there is a thought!

I guess I might claim I am the “Genuine Article”, or….if I don’t LIKE what is happening, I can say don’t BOTHER me, as I do not EXIST! hehehehe

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