Squirrel Bait….

That is what Mark calls me when I get a “radical” idea….like crawling on the ground to take a picture of my poor little Daffodils that made such a galliant showing earlier….I guess it wouldn’t have been so extraordinary, except for the fact that I did it just a short time ago….just before 9pm…in the total darkness! The motion light on the garage that I depended upon must have blown out last night, so I used the little red laser on my camera to spot the Daffodils in the darkness…The drizzle we have been blessed with most of the day has now turned to a fine snow, so I just wanted to see my little posies one more time!

I should have taken a picture after I removed the stick on top of the plant, but I didn’t see it while I was taking the picture. Remember, it was *totally* dark out there! I am truly appreciative of the fact that we have no neighbors in close proximity….I fear my nocturnal habits might cause alarm amongst those who feel less inclined to grope about in the darkness of a cold winter’s night, fiddling with and testing one’s camera!

Icy, Icy, Icy

The weatherman was quite accurate in his prediction for this morning. It is, however, 34 degrees outside now, so much of this ice is falling to the floor of the woods. I wanted to take some pictures, but was not really wanting any lacerations to the head! This morning, when I took Angus and Murphy out, I could hear branches snapping under the excessive weight of the ice on them. I knew what was ahead, as the grass sparkled when I illuminated the area with the outdoor light.

The ice on the roof keeps breaking off and making a terrible sound as it glides down the surface. I was able to take a few pictures from my window. Enjoy…or not!