Weather Looks a Bit Dicey!

This morning when we got up, there was a coating of that glorious ice on all three vehicles. After starting all three and running them for about 15 minutes, the ice broke up pretty well on the glass surfaces.

After salting the walks and cleaning off the trucks the best I could, we loaded up all the stuff to go to the dump. It always takes forever to load all the stuff for the dump, but thankfully, only minutes to unload at the transfer station!

We decided to go out afterward. Mark wanted to take the old (2 wheel drive) truck just to run it, so we did. I was a bit nervous, as the weatherman had been suggesting some really ugly weather this weekend. Poor Mark….as we drove down the driveway, I made a comment about if we were to get stuck somewhere, it is a good thing we have AAA coverage……OK, so it was mean, but I was hungry! We ran to WalMart so we could drop some bags at the Salvation Army truck that is there on the weekends. Then, I needed to run in the store to grab some cheese and a couple other things.

We headed on out to grab some Chinese for a late lunch. Mark and I got Szechuan Chicken, and it was so tasty. After Chinese, we stopped by Tractor Supply to return some RV Antifreeze we didn’t use. We always used the antifreeze in the camper to ready it for the winter. I hated it when we started using the camper in the spring and had to flush out all of the pink antifreeze from the water lines. This year, we bought a little nozzle that attaches to the air compressor, and we blew the water out of the lines. This worked so much EASIER! And, it seemed fast, too!
Thus, all the antifreeze we bought, thinking we would use it, needed to be returned.

After Tractor Supply, Mark wanted to shop at Tops. I wasn’t too keen on shopping, so Mark and Ben went inside, while Michelle and I sat in the truck. As I was sitting in the truck, I reviewed the videos on my cell phone. The kids had taken advantage of the video mode, and I nearly laughed myself silly at the funny shorts they made. The funniest one involved Murphy “telling” me he was sorry he “poopooed” in the car while we left him in there. Michelle put her hand under his beard, and moved his head quite *antimatedly*, as she expressed his deepest remorse for the dirty deed……

After Tops, we went to the Dollar Tree, as Mark had promised Ben he would do so. As we sat waiting for the kids, I got too cold. I told Mark I was going to run inside. I am always amazed at some of the cool things you can find in the dollar stores. I bought Libby crystal glasses that I use for “good” there, as well as many other little odds and ends. This evening, I decided to take a good look at the store….something I don’t often do. I was surprised at many of the things they sell. I think if I had a summer home, I could outfit it with goods from the Dollar Tree! They have more items than ever, and seem to keep getting more and more in!

As we came home, it was dark out…..the secondary country roads looked wet, but as we drove, it was hailing, raining, and freezing….not too much fun! At one point, Mark slowed to a near stop as three deer dashed across the road in front of us. Thankfully, the road crews are out in full force tonight. Mark had no trouble slowing down for the threesome to safely pass. By the time we arrived home, there was a good thick coating of ice on the sidewalk all over again. This weather is the type that makes me happy to be back home, safe in the Bristolwood after venturing out!

I looked at the forecast…..we are under a “Winter Storm Warning” with all kinds of wild weather….mainly that freezing rain and ice. The warning alerted us that we may receive ice of 1/4″ to 1/3″. That reminds me of March of 1991 when we lived in Rochester and got 3/4″ of ice.
It was a total mess, and we were without power for 10 days. Here, we are fairly prepared….we do have a generator that we can use if we need it! That gives me confidence because we do need power to use our water. (well) I will not be too happy if we do get 1/3″ of ice, as that is enough to do more damage to the trees. My heart was broken when I witnessed the mess here in the woods after that ice storm, but actually, the trees are nearly totally recovered, and many dead limbs came down in the storm. The good news is that I do think we are properly prepared no matter what!

I only took ONE photo today…..Mark picked up some really pretty carnations at Tops. I had to “dismiss” my arrangement from December, as the carnations finally turned a sickly yellow color. Some of them still smelled good, but the majority had lost their terrific scent!

Be safe, stay warm and inside!!!!