Why Do Some Days Just Seem *Cruddy"?

This is one of those days that just seems like it would have been better to just stay in bed! We have forgotten to renew Angus’s license and today, I remembered. Mark called the town hall, and the woman there said she would stay a few extra minutes if I hurried. I grabbed my shoes, purse, and checkbook and rushed down. (mind you, our town clerk is available a total of 17 hours a week. This makes it pretty hard to catch her sometimes.)

I got there in about 4 minutes and had not only Angus’s paperwork, but also Murphy’s records so I could license him. Well, Murphy’s rabies vaccine expires in one week…exactly….so she decided I will have to come back AFTER he is vaccinated. Hello??? My dogs (and Murphy is the THIRD since we have lived here) have always been up to date on rabies vaccines. She also reminded me that Angus needs a new vaccine in March. She smiled and said she WOULD renew him, but make SURE I get him to the vet in March.

Mark looked up info on the web, and according to state law, the owner must have a “current” vaccine. Well, if the vaccine is good until next week, it that not “current”? In her defense, the woman was not the “real” clerk. For some reason, she was unable to be there today for her 17 hour-a-week job. I told Mark that apparently this woman was making an “executive decision”.
So, I will just have to make another trip down there after I get Murphy’s shot renewed. Can you tell I am NOT a happy camper?

OK, now that that is off my chest! I did manage to get a few pictures this afternoon. When I got up this morning, the pool cover had water on it, as opposed to ice. Within a couple of hours, the temps fell to just hovering near freezing……

I took this picture of some weeds out behind the house. We had this really wet snow right after just a little freezing rain, and it made everything look so pretty!

The sky was dismal and ugly today….to say it was “gray” would not have been accurate. It was more like “without color”! I smiled as I took this picture….it reminded me of the days of my youth when I was in high school. I had a Yashica camera, and I loved taking black and white pictures with Kodak Tri-X 400 speed film. Everything came out in stark black and white!

Yes, I took my camera with me as Angus and I walked down to the mailbox this afternoon. There was this oak tree….holding its leaves….which were “frosted”.

For those of us living in the northern US….I was always of the mindset that the artificial snow sprayed on fake greens in the stores always looked so junky…..it just didn’t look like REAL snow. Well, as I looked at some of the weeds growing down by the mailbox, I did a double-take! What?They looked JUST like that artificial stuff!

And lastly, a picture I took of ice crystals on one of the Dwarf Alberta Spruces…..

In posting these pictures, you know, I think I feel better now! If I had stayed in bed, I would have missed out on all of these “magical” Winter Scenes!