A Quiet Day…

Yes, those are still the same carnations that I posted several days ago! There are tiny little patches of kind of a beige color on a couple of the flowers, but they still look terrific! I love carnations, and every time I go near the table, I cannot help but breathe in that sweet spicy fragrance!

Mark has been feeling kind of yucky the past couple of days…he hasn’t eaten enough to keep a chicken going, but this afternoon, he ate half a can of Progresso Minestrone Soup. It was good to see him eat something with a little “flavor” to it, as yesterday he only ate ramen noodles….BLECH! He said he doesn’t really feel sick, just a little achy and tired. Not sure what that is.

This afternoon, Michelle decided Murphy was too “poufy“! She asked if she could trim him. She has watched me groom the dogs many times, often helping. I kept telling her “no”, then finally thought, why not? She had me nearby, and Murphy was extremely accommodating! He sat down and let her trim away. She did most of his little body, then asked if I would help with his face and head. I usually hate doing those, as the boys do NOT like the clippers “buzzing” over their brains! Murphy was such a good dog….he just sat there.

After we finished, I told Michelle to grab the muzzle and clippers to trim Murphy’s nails. I was doing quite well, then OUCH! I REALLY went too deep. Poor little pup sat there, squirming just a tad, while I felt like crying! Michelle told me to calm down……I gathered my courage and finished the job. We had some styptic powder to put on the nail and it immediately stopped bleeding. I was so relieved! (Murphy wears the muzzle while I cut his nails, as he tries to bite the clippers, making it nearly impossible to work! The humorous thing about it is that Murphy is so used to the thing that he never complains about it….)

Murphy scored some cookies, then into the tub for a bath. Michelle is so funny, as she dons a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and hops into the tub with the dog. She just bends over and gives the bath so efficiently. I told her she might consider doing dog grooming, as she seems to enjoy it so much!

This evening, Michelle is going to a “Community Bible Study”. It sounds pretty cool. It is a joint effort by several churches, and the thing that makes it different is that the kids eat together before beginning their class. When Michelle called about it a week or two ago, the woman said there were 10 girls signed up so far, and 3 boys. They have separate classes for the guys and girls. She is so excited about going. She really enjoys this type of thing, and I love the way she is able to jump in even when she doesn’t know anyone! Last summer, she decided to do a photography class and she had a good time with that. When I was a young teen, I don’t think I could have done that!

So…here are a couple of pictures of Mr. Murphy…….

BEFORE his haircut

And, afterward…………

Well, off to get ready for Miss Michelle’s evening out!