Sure Is Pretty Out!

This morning, as I was working around in the bedroom, I saw S-N-O-W! I (of course) got so excited, I grabbed my camera (which is working fine!) and snapped a picture! This was the first of several “rounds” which continued throughout the day.

You can see that the ground was turning white, but, alas, the sunshine came out, and the snow disappeared as quickly as it had made its entrance…..Throughout the day, the winds came from the west, growing in intensity to the point that they sounded like a large truck driving up the road!!
We went out this afternoon at about 2, and had several errands to run. By the time we got home at about 7, the snow was coming down and sticking. As we passed the mountain, the hydrants looked like they were working full bore! After the pathetic winter we have been experiencing, I don’t blame them! (I remember the year we moved down here…1992…..the guy who did our excavating said the mountain had its best year the year before, opening at Thanksgiving and remaining open until May. He knew, as he worked at the mountain operating the snow cat.)
Tonight, I went out to the woodshed to grab some firewood, and it was just so pretty! On my way, I came across a little patch where a mole must have been burrowing under the snow…..I don’t remember seeing moles around here, so perhaps it might have been a mouse?

After getting the firewood into the bag, I stopped at the doorway and took this picture……

OK, so even if you don’t like snow, you gotta admit that is a cool picture! And, of ***COURSE*** I carry my camera with me to the woodshed! I carry it with me nearly everywhere, as you just never know when you might capture a great shot! Yup, that is what caused the good batteries to “expire”. I carry it with me everywhere!