I Think I’m Gonna Cry….

Yesterday, I was digging around through “stuff” in the bedroom and found a pamphlet from the New York State Power Authority. It was something I had picked up somewhere, and it gave info on a power plant located near the American Falls. I told Mark we ought to take a field trip there today, and he agreed.

I packed a picnic lunch and we were off for a day of fun! We stopped along the Thruway and had subs (I actually made them right there in the Explorer!!) and chips. We had to eat inside the car as it was raining. We folded one of the backseats down and I was able to sit back there and make the subs to order! hehehe I even remembered to bring along a sheet of freezer paper to use as a work surface on top of the cooler!

We got to the power plant at about 3. It has lots of interactive and informative “gizmos” and we really enjoyed playing! There was also a short movie (about 12 minutes) that showed the actual construction of the power facility. It was built in only 3 years, and when one considers the amount of WORK that needed to be done, it was nothing short of a miracle! The plant began operation in January, 1961, 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

So, you might be wondering….*WHY* do I want to CRY??? Well, I was careening about, merrily taking pictures when my Olympus camera just quit working. I had charged 2 sets of batteries for it last night. I wanted to be able to take a lot of pictures. When we got there, Mark asked me why the camera was acting “funny”…..I tried it out and it was OK, then it just starting doing weird things. The LCD screen kept turning off, then the lens refused to open all the way. Then, it refused to close. I am not sure what is wrong with the camera, but it is 4 years old and I would hate to think that I HAVE to replace it. Mark will take a look at it tomorrow, and perhaps he will see what is causing the flaky behavior.

So, there you have it. We enjoyed ourselves today, but I have no pictures. Michelle has some on her camera, so perhaps tomorrow I can see if there are some good ones.

Oh, as an aside….one of the coolest things at the power facility is a camera that is postioned on the Niagara River. The people that work at this facility are so amazing…they were so friendly. One of the guys told us that yesterday there were fishermen down on the river catching Atlantic Salmon that weighed in between 30 and 40 pounds!!! They watched them from the cameras! Mark was able to hone in on some fishermen in a boat….the camera can zoom right in….we were able to see the fishermen up pretty close. Sometimes (when it WORKS) technology is SO cool!