January 4

Since I couldn’t think of a more suitable title for this entry, the date shall have to suffice!

Remember Fonzy on the Happy Days tv series in the 70’s? He used to have the most difficult time uttering the words “I was wrong”. Try as he might, he could only get out the “wrrr” sound!
Well, today, it was “be…be…beau..”……um, it was a nice day! Yeah, it is hard to call a 54 degree JANUARY day “beautiful”, but if this was a *typical* January, I guess it could have earned that title! As Mark and I walked out on the porch this afternoon, I could barely believe my eyes as a little honeybee flew past us!

I got a package in the mail from my friend, Linda, from Canada. She sent the family several little goodies for Christmas, mostly FROM Canada! She included two little ornaments that have simply fascinated me. They are created by a Canadian artist named Betty Singer for a company called Samaco.


Although I could not find these little treasures on the site, they are simply beautiful! The detail is amazing, considering the figures are only about 3 inches tall!

Here is Father Christmas….

And a closer detail of his face and the little Scottie in his arms.

And here is Mrs. Claus…..

In this closeup of Mrs. Claus’s face, you can see the detailing…..

And did you catch the little Scottie in the bag near her feet?

Linda says these are from a collection appropriately named the “Highland Collection”, and new ornaments are added each year. I will certainly ask Linda to grab a new ornament each year for me…. they are just so sweet!

Hope all who made resolutions are sticking by them, and if not, well….there is always NEXT year!