Happy New Year!

I thought I would post a “happy” picture to welcome in this new year. No, this isn’t my house….it is a house across the street from the home of my parents. We welcomed in the new year at my parents’ and I could not resist snapping this winter (WHERE?????) wonderland of lights!

Last year seems to have flown by so swiftly. I am not sure where it went, nor what I was doing as it passed by so quickly, but I am learning with each passing day that time is certainly not much of a friend! It neither stops for us, nor allows us to catch up with it!

I have made no resolutions for the new year. I always disliked doing so, as they usually fall by the wayside. I don’t like making plans and not being able to follow through because of my lack of “sticktoitiveness” or circumstances beyond my control which cause my plans to be put on “hold” ……better to just try to be and do my best with each passing day! I know there are many attributes I need some work on, so I will merely strive towards those. The Lord knows I have so many faults and I pray He will help me overcome some of those in this new year!

I got up early this morning, and my mom was already up. We took the dogs for a walk, and that was a really great way to start 2007! It was something I so appreciated, as it is terribly hard to walk in my neck of the woods. It was nearly 50 degrees when we took this walk, and that just seemed so bizarre. Usually, January brings REALLY cold weather, so this was almost surreal!

Well, here is to another new year! May you be blessed richly with peace, love, happiness and all things good!