SNOW! Well, at least a LITTLE!

Yesterday, as I looked outside, I wondered where the expression “green Christmas” came from….here is the Bristolwood, it was more like UGLY gray and BROWN! This was the view from the side of the house……

Even my little stream that cheerfully wanders in the front yard was looking pretty frumpy!

Well, I guess in looking at this picture of the house, you CAN see SOME green………………

I was going to upload these pictures and use them yesterday, but then felt a twang of guilt….shame on me for feeling SO sorry for myself…after ALL, it is ONLY *S-N-O-W*! Then, when I woke up this morning, the pallette was “changed”!

Here is a picture from the front porch.

And, the back yard!

Yes, this little “dusting” of snow made me feel a WHOLE lot better! And, I felt more “Christmasy”! hehehe Too bad this wasn’t here two days ago. Ah well, we did get SOME snow!

As I was snapping pictures, I took a picture of my “Scottie Wreath”. I made this about three years ago, and I love the way it adds so much color to the door!

If anyone can tell me exactly HOW to do a NEAT blanket stitch, I would greatly appreciate it! I made the little Scotties for the wreath out of black felt, stitching around the edges, and lightly stuffing each little fellow! Here is a closeup of one…..

You can see my stitching skills are lacking!

Late this afternoon, we met Carly. I had some soap I wanted to give her for her new pup, Joe. Carly said the little fellow needed a bath, and she wanted a mild soap. I had made one up for my boys, and I figured she might like it. I also packed up a couple of small oxtail bones to greet the new man. Oh, is he DARLING!!!!!

Carly brought Joe out to meet us. Poor little boy began to shiver….Carly said he is NOT fond of the cold, so her daughter, Sarah, grabbed a little blanket to wrap him up! He is so cute and you can tell he is very trusting and sweet!!!!

Now, tell me….does Carly look HAPPY??? She is just totally taken by this little guy. Does it matter that he wet on her son Kyle, her NEW chair, and her yesterday? NOPE….it was an accident! Does it matter that he spent 2 1/2 hours HOWLING last night? NOPE….he was LONELY!!!! The whole family is SMITTEN with this fellow, and he already has EVERYONE wrapped around his PAWS! I am so happy that Carly and her family and Joe found each other!
The kids all told me the BEST Christmas present of all is Joe!

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  1. Yay snow! (can’t believe I’m uttering those words)….
    Joe is sooooooooooooo adorable! Carly
    looks very happy!
    Can’t help on the stitch, I stink at sewing, lol but I do like that wreath!

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