The Day After Christmas

Well, today is the day after Christmas and we still have no snow! Over at the mountain, the snow must have degraded quite a bit. There was no activity on Christmas Eve and the lights were out last night as well. We have lived here since 1992, and there has never been a year like this.

The weatherman had promised some snow last night and today, but the forecast was changed to all rain today. Everyone talks about a “green” Christmas, but here in the Bristolwood, everything seems to look gray and brown!

The good news is that Carly must travel today, and the rain will be easier for her than snow! She has been nearly BURSTING, as she awaited yesterday to announce the good news to her kids. She made a card and hung it on the Christmas tree….inside was a picture of a little black and tan Dachshund. She wrote that his name is Joe and tomorrow he is coming home to live with you!
Carly said it took a minute for the message to register, then the kids went NUTS! Her middle child, a daughter, was reduced to tears! The kids have been wanting a dog so much, but the timing was just not right.

Carly’s husband told her a couple of weeks ago that she might have to pick out her own present this year. She called me and told me she had an inkling that perhaps he was speaking in “code” and maybe he was going to get her a new dog? She took him lunch later in the day, and he finally told her that was his plan.

Carly needed no further words….she went straight to work, fixing up some little things that needed done and cleaning up all the floors and rooms in her house! She went through her closet, ridding out things that hadn’t been worn in ages. I think the thought of a dog catapulted a whole lot of nervous energy, as she moved through her house like a tidal wave!

She called a breeder she had previously spoken to and asked if she still had a certain little fellow. He is almost 2 years old (his birthday is December 31) and has been to obedience classes. He sounds wonderful and is all housebroken. With her busy schedule, Carly was thrilled beyond belief when the breeder said, yes, Joe is still available.

Carly and her husband went out last Sunday to meet Joe, and it was love at first sight for all involved. The kids knew nothing about the covert meeting….they were told their parents were Christmas shopping!

The kids wanted to know if anyone else knew about Joe. Carly told them yes, EVERYONE knew! She had told the people at Starbucks, her in-laws, and we all knew! She went on to tell them that our kids knew about Joe, too. HOWEVER, they were instructed that under penalty of DEATH they were NOT to even HINT at this! The youngest looked Carly right in the eye and said, “Your mother is quite harsh, isn’t she?” When Carly told me this, I nearly fell over laughing!

Well, Santa was very gracious to our family, bringing lots of goodies and things that we need! We were supposed to travel to visit with my parents, but with Ben coming down with whatever it was that Michelle had, we stayed home. Thankfully, I had taken a turkey breast out of the freezer a couple of days ago. Our Christmas fare was small, but tasty! No one complained, and it was very informal and nice.

After we had opened our presents, we watched the movie The 12 Dogs of Chrsitmas. It was cute, and I never tire of watching Christmas movies. They are the best in my opinion! Too many movies today leave you feeling uninspired and with a sick feeling….I love Christmas movies because they always seem just the opposite! I guess I am a sucker for happy endings!

It seems like Christmas came far too early this year….how can we possibly be heading into 2007?

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  1. Well, the baseboards are hung and the floors are cleaned! Erin pretended she was a puppy and walked around on her hands and knees to check out the room. So now…we’re off to pick up Joe. Call you later!

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