I’m Screaming for a White Chrsitmas!

Just like the ones I used to know…………….

Well, I gave up crying and feeling badly about not having any snow. I haven’t mentioned it in DAYS! I tried to even FORGET about thinking about snow! But….as I passed the ski area tonight, I witnessed snow blowing about and people swishing along down the hill. As I watched, it seemed so surreal….so artificial. I mean, there is no snow anywhere else…just those silly trails coming down the mountain.

I know that the weather we have been “enjoying” has made a lot of people happy. They are thrilled to not have to deal with slippery roads, wet clothing, and cleaning the ice off frozen vehicles.

I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I hurt my back, or if it is the weather! I am so crabby and miserable! AND, I admit it!

I have done precious little shopping and it really doesn’t seem to matter. Somehow the missing element….SNOW!….has left this year feeling so “UN” Christmaslike! I know that Christmas isn’t about the weather, but it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without snow.

A couple of nights ago, the weatherman said that we *might* be able to observe the Northern Lights. I anxiously searched the skies, but nada….

I did manage to sit down and actually watch a Christmas special on TV! OK, so I wasn’t “sitting”…I was lying down! My back is finally feeling much better now!!! YAY! Oh, the special I watched was on PBS. It was called Christmas by a group called Tonic Sol-Fa. This group does all of their music a’cappella and they are fantastic! Here is their their URL:

If you take a look at their website, there is a comprehensive listing of dates, times, and channels that broadcast their special. I *HIGHLY* recommend this one.

Perhaps I am not alone in my “melancholy”….I have been thrilled by the SINGLE blossom on my Christmas Cactus. As I looked at the plant today, I did notice there are several buds coming along, but it seems this plant is only allowing a single blossom at a time!!!

Only six more days…

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  1. Mom, I did in fact watch the special. We even let the girls stay up until 10 to watch it. Truly awesome! They remind me a lot of Glad. Good stuff!

  2. I was watching during commercials,lol! pretty cool!
    I’m with you, I’ve tried to stay optimistic since everyone I talk to is being a bah-humbugger, but it’s hard to get totally into the spirit without snow. We have rain moving in tomorrow…..
    Hope your back feels much better today, BTDT several times lately and it sure sux laying around!

  3. Kae, I can’t believe I am writing this, and I will deny it later, but I wish it would snow, too. I have been feeling so down this season(loss of mom this year), that I think seeing snow and watching the kids play in it, coming in for hot chocolate and cookies etc. might make me feel better. So here’s to ****!

  4. Yay Carly and Becky! This group is so unique…they have independently recorded and sold over a million discs! Mark recorded them and I have watched and listened twice more!

    Aw, Cindy…I am so sorry. I have not lost a parent and I know when the day comes it is going to be so hard! Just remember that you are one terrific mom to those eight kids, and you are now writing a lot of THEIR memories! I know how hard it is for you to wish for the “white stuff”! God bless you, and BIG hugs sent your way, dear friend!

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