I’m Screaming for a White Chrsitmas!

Just like the ones I used to know…………….

Well, I gave up crying and feeling badly about not having any snow. I haven’t mentioned it in DAYS! I tried to even FORGET about thinking about snow! But….as I passed the ski area tonight, I witnessed snow blowing about and people swishing along down the hill. As I watched, it seemed so surreal….so artificial. I mean, there is no snow anywhere else…just those silly trails coming down the mountain.

I know that the weather we have been “enjoying” has made a lot of people happy. They are thrilled to not have to deal with slippery roads, wet clothing, and cleaning the ice off frozen vehicles.

I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I hurt my back, or if it is the weather! I am so crabby and miserable! AND, I admit it!

I have done precious little shopping and it really doesn’t seem to matter. Somehow the missing element….SNOW!….has left this year feeling so “UN” Christmaslike! I know that Christmas isn’t about the weather, but it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without snow.

A couple of nights ago, the weatherman said that we *might* be able to observe the Northern Lights. I anxiously searched the skies, but nada….

I did manage to sit down and actually watch a Christmas special on TV! OK, so I wasn’t “sitting”…I was lying down! My back is finally feeling much better now!!! YAY! Oh, the special I watched was on PBS. It was called Christmas by a group called Tonic Sol-Fa. This group does all of their music a’cappella and they are fantastic! Here is their their URL:

If you take a look at their website, there is a comprehensive listing of dates, times, and channels that broadcast their special. I *HIGHLY* recommend this one.

Perhaps I am not alone in my “melancholy”….I have been thrilled by the SINGLE blossom on my Christmas Cactus. As I looked at the plant today, I did notice there are several buds coming along, but it seems this plant is only allowing a single blossom at a time!!!

Only six more days…