No Need to Fear!

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to take the boys up to the woodpile…once again…to take some pictures of them wearing their snazzy new caps!

HOWEVER, we started off AGAIN just like the last “photo shoot”!

I just cannot BELIEVE these little *monsters* do this to me! I can hear them laughing…YOU look THAT way…and I’LL look THIS way….hahahahaha!!!!!

I AM the *alpha* dog, however, and what *I* say, goes!

After I scolded the boys, making them know I was thoroughly dissatisfied with their Scottitude, they decided to cooperate at least a LITTLE bit. Murphy wanted to know if I could perhaps “adjust” his cap?

After a slight adjustment, Murphy is looking so handsome in his new chapeau!

Of course, Angus assures Murphy that if he cooperates with me on this, there *will* be a payment due……

Suddenly, Angus jumps as something catches his attention! Alas, it is merely a squirrel romping about and rustling leaves…..

Okay, once the boys realized just what is expected, they began to watch diligently…WHERE is that sleigh with the “jolly old elf” and eight flying reindeer?

Well, rest assured! All children of the world will be able to sleep peaceably on Christmas Eve, as Angus and Murphy, members of the Chimney Watch Santa Patrol, shall be on guard, watching to make sure all is well!
Of course, there shall be TWO plates left tableside this year… for the jolly old elf, and one for the two sweetest little Scottie fellows in the world! Well, at least in the Bristolwood!!!

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  1. They are toooooo cute! I can hardly wait until I get Joe, then I can join the ranks of nutty people who dress up their dogs! 🙂

  2. They look like a “Pushmepullyou” in the first pic!!

    Cindy(who wishes you and all those who want one a white Christmas)

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