A Rather Exciting Day!

This week has been kind of somber….I guess the death of my uncle touched us deeply. Also, being “home” really left a kind of melancholy feeling with me…I have always been happy where I am, but this past time, seeing all of my cousins and their families, made me feel a little homesick.

This morning, I heard a light tapping at the door. I have been moving a bit slowly as a few days ago, I did something while lifting a box that sends an “electric” feeling up my back. This is not a good feeling at all! So, I nearly missed the FedEx guy! He had left two packages on the porch in front of the door!

Thinking perhaps Mark had ordered something, I hauled the boxes into the office. As I looked at the labels, I got so excited! My Secret Santa gift arrived! For the past three years, I have joined in this exchange on the CyberScots list. I got so excited, and so did the whole family, Scotties included!

The generosity of my “Santa” was just so amazing! Kathy is from Texas, and I guess she is compelled to do things “big!”

I wasn’t sure I could get a picture of all of the goodies, but this is what I got! Let’s see….there was a Scottish Terrier “The Dog” calendar, an ADORABLE Scottie garden weather vane, (the Scottie part is in front of the calendar), a game of Dogopoly, a tin with Licorice Scottie candy, a box of shortbread mix complete with a Scottie cookie cutter, a remote-control car for the Scotties to CHASE!, a Scottie nightshirt, 3 really cute ornaments, a special “Santa Watch” hat for Angus and one for Murphy, a cute little Jim Shore Scottie figurine, and five Scottie linens!Phew! That is so much booty!!!!

The flowers in the background were from Angus’s birthday party on Monday night. The party was short because we needed to scurry to get our sleep for our travels on Tuesday.

Here are the linens. I love the little old-fashioned Scotties on them! Aren’t they cute?

I just HAD to post a picture of the Santa Watch hat! These are made so incredibly well! We put them on Angus and Murphy, and I cannot wait until it is light out tomorrow so I can get a picture of them wearing their caps!

After all of the sadness of the earlier part of this week, this package was just such a pressure relief! We had so much fun looking at everything and “oooooohing and aaaaahhhing!”

I always tell Mark I would not even care if I never got a gift in return…I have so much fun wrapping my Scottie goodies for my recipient….but my Santa far exceeded anything I could have even imagined!

Thank you, Kathy! Ever think of moving to the North Pole?

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