A Little Levity

Sometimes when things get so serious, I need to just “chill out”…I am pretty good at this, so I think I will give a little behind-the-scenes pictures of our little *photo shoot* with the Scotties yesterday.

First of all, let me tell you, when those doggies saw the scarves coming, they were not happy. OK, we can deal with that. So, we set them on a pile of basswood I had cut late last summer…..
Are you ready for the first picture?

Absolutely charming, eh? As soon as the camera came out, they looked away!

This is the second picture I took, and I really like this one. I’m not sure what they were looking at, but I like seeing their profiles.

Michelle was my faithful assistant in this venture, helping orchestrate the whole ordeal. And speaking of orchestration, I told Michelle that perhaps holding a small stick above my head and moving it would get their attention so they would look at me. Sort of like a conductor’s baton! Well, Michelle swayed the stick above my head whilst I kept my face to the camera. I was unaware she had picked a L-O-N-G stick until…………….

Yes, being a diehard Scot involves things like protecting your Mum from sticks swaying over her head! Murphy loves attacking vicious intruders….things like sticks, rakes, vacuum cleaners….you know, things that might harm us!

Note Angus’s stance….he was also on guard….however, he was looking to make sure none of those wild squirrely things came near! Angus is much too distinguished to partake in such nonsense like attacking sticks….
I kinda liked the next picture, too, but as I looked, they kinda looked like one big Scottie “blob”.
Kind of a Scottie “push me, pull you”.

By this point, I was pretty sure that I had at least one good and acceptable picture for my cards. Michelle was still trying to get both Scotties to cooperate. She then stood behind me and mentioned the word, “Cookies!”

Yes, that is Angus’s typical reaction to the word! Rather humorous!

You can see that we have some good fun with these little companions of ours! And, if you think *WE* are nuts, take a look here!


Yup, we are *NOT* alone! hehehehehe

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  1. Those pictures look like a whole lotta fun setting them up and taking them, LOL!
    hm, never tried the “wave stick over my head” approach, that’s one I’ll have to try! ; )

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