Dress Rehearsal!

OK…so it is supposed to be 40 degrees today…it is obvious to me that SNOW is NOT in the making any time soon. (although I understand my hometown was under a snow advisory yesterday….there is NO place like HOME!!!!)

Yesterday, I decided to consider my options and Michelle and I played dress rehearsal with the Scotties. Hmmm…where should we place their tiny hineys? Let’s see…..how bout next to the little Christmas tree. After all, it IS “Scottie-size”! We *placed* the boys and there was JUST enough room for their hineys and NOT much else…..

TAKE 1….or, WHY do my boys resemble WINSTON CHURCHILL????

Take 2…”Hey, Angus, tisn’t THAT far of a leap, is it?”

TAKE 3…”MURPHY! Stop horsing around, or we are gonna become permanant FIXTURES!”

And, finally, a fair picture. Both boys looking, but the exposure is not so great.

So, still holding on to those cards and thinking they might not get sent til JANUARY! The weather report said colder tomorrow with a possibility of SQUALLS…..hmm….squalls COULD be just the ticket. OK, we will hold out ONE more day. Then, those cards get sent…picture or NO!