Aha! We Have a *Light Dusting*!

Yes, we got a light dusting of snow yesterday and this morning, too! Right now, I am thinking perhaps I could meander over to the ski area and take pictures. After all, I can heard the hydrants happily humming every time I take the boys out!

In looking at Blogger “problems”, I saw a comment about not being able to post pictures. It said that if that happens, you need to go into “settings” and fiddle around with the “FTP” info. As it was, I was going to ask Mark about it last night, but I forgot! This morning, the little bar is BACK! Hurrah! No need to bother Mark!

So, here is my little tree I mentioned the other day.

The little tree definitely needs some decorations, but no one has been so inclined! I need to comment that this picture, as well as the wreath, look out of focus, because I took them in the total darkness! (WHERE is that tripod?)

I am hoping Michelle will help me take pictures of the boys today so I can (FINALLY) send out those cards!

The weather report is calling for “flurries”! Perhaps………