My 100th Entry!

As I was about to begin bellyaching about our LACK of snow here in the Bristolwood, I saw that this is my 100th entry in my blog! I had contemplated beginning a blog about two years ago, but always felt too intimidated to begin. Now, in looking back at previous posts, this is kind of cool. I have always wanted to journal, but wanted to add photos and other elements. An “e” blog is pretty nice, as it is easy to add photos and such! I made memory photo albums for the kids when they were small, and I just love embellishing and making things “pretty”. When one thinks about it, life is all about “themes”….We go from one season of life into another, and it is nice to have left a piece of each season “bookmarked” for those who might care to take a look at some point.

I have been trying to get some decorating done…when Michelle and I went to the non-event show, we took along a little Christmas tree I bought last year at WalMart for $5.00. Rather than boxing it back up again, I decided to place it on a table in the living room for now. When I took it to the show, I had completely forgotten lights for it, so I bought some “cluster lights” from the dollar store. These have a little group of several lights in each “cluster”. The net effect is that this little tabletop tree lights up the whole room!

Okay, now that I told about the little tree, my button to add pictures seems to have disappeared! Hmmmmmm….WHERE did it go?

Well, I also hung our big wreath on the garage. This wreath is 5 feet in diameter…It came with white lights wired in it, but I didn’t think it was good enough, so I added a set of 150 muticolored lights last year. Well, as it seems to work out so often, when I placed the wreath on the outside of the garage, only a small portion of the white lights lit…We fiddled around for a while with it, then took the multicolored lights out, and replaced them with another set.

Now, I am going to bellyache!!! It is Sunday night and we have NO snow!!! When I got up with the dogs this morning, I could hear the hydrants over at the ski mountian, working to make some snow. Sad, sad, sad! Maybe I need to buy one of those things and decorate my house! I still have no pictures of the Scots for my cards. Tomorrow, we are going to take pictures. We will just have to change our setting. Bummer, but sometimes things just work out differently than we thought!