Such a Strange Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and I had planned to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in this blog, as she reads every day….however, I dashed out of bed (shortly after 4 am) and began labeling soaps and getting things set to rush to the little sale I was doing…..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with good fun! You sure had a nice day. How many birthdays have you had such warm weather?

Now, for that sale….it was a total BUST! There were only about 9 vendors at the sale, so that was pretty nice, I thought. There was a woman selling quilts and sweatshirts that she had machine embroidered. Next to her was a woman with a basket business and she had many little items from her business there. Across from them was a woman who did lots of knits….she had made hats, mittens, some shawls. Down the hall, across from us was a woman selling handknits for someone she didn’t know (hehehe) as well as cookbooks to support the facility. Next to her, a woman had singing (ad nauseam) snowmen and stuff maybe a little more pricey than stuff from the dollar store. One of her big “draws” was scarves for $6. They were a silk/cashmere blend, from China. We were directly across from this woman, and next to us was a woman who had really nicely hand painted glassware. Around the corner were some women from a beauty salon with hair goodies. Then, there was a spa with handbags and fun stuff across from another SOAPER! Yikes!

When we got to the sale, I needed to head out for some change. Michelle was my assistant for the day and she assured me she would be just fine setting everything up. I had taken a box full of soaps, some lotions and whipped shea butter, and I also grabbed my little Scottie Dog Ornaments. Micelle took a few of her little bracelets that she makes, as well. We had brought a little table top Christmas tree I had bought at WalMart last year for $5. When we unpacked it, I realized it had no lights. Ugh! It was supposed to display my Scotties!

Michelle sent me off to the bank, with instructions to go to the Dollar Tree a short distance from the bank, to pick up some candy and a dish. So, I set out…this was about 9:15. I went to the bank, and then scurried to the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a couple of pretty trays to set stuff on, a couple of doilies, a basket, tiny candy canes, lights for the tree, and an extension cord.

I got back to the sale at about 10:10. What I saw totally surprised me! Michelle had taken our goodies out of the boxes and had that table all decorated to the nines! The table looked as though it was groaning under the weight of all the goods! I never would have imagined everything would look so BEAUTIFUL! She had taken some white crinkle paper and mixed it with red and green metallic shreds and placed it here and there on the table. If an award would have been given for most “beautiful table”, it would have been ours…Michelle far surpassed my expectations. And, to my total chagrin, my camera was at home…RIGHT where I had forgotten it on my BED!!!

On Tuesday, I had convinced Mark to head out to the garage with Ben to make me a bunch of little soap crates. The two of them made the most wonderful little crates! I *ordered* two sizes….a two-bar and three-bar model.

They made these little crates so fast, it made my eyeballs spin!

Now, back to the sale…I was a little distressed because I had never given any thought as to how to DISPLAY the soaps. Michelle is one of those “cool” people who never sweats. She told me not to worry…she would display the soaps with no problem. And, as I had left, I knew she WOULD! And, she DID! She merely used the little crates like BLOCKS! Below is how she stacked the crates to raise them up, displaying the soaps so wonderfully well!

Here is how the soaps looked on display…

I was so thrilled, but as we sat….and sat….and sat, my heart began to sink! Traffic was so sporatic. The residents wandered by, little by little. The “big spenders” were all the employees of the facility. They all flocked to the table across from us, forking out their three bucks for the singing snowmen. By noon, the woman was sold out of her ss…..I sat, totally amazed, as this woman opened bag after bag of her Chinese wares, and folks just swooped it up.

This show lasted from 10 am to 4 pm. Michelle was such a trooper….minding the table as I left to go get some lunch, then once more, as I had to run an errand. She was totally at ease with people who came to the table, chatting with them and encouraging them to take a candy cane from the basket….

We sold a total of three bars of soap and one lotion. We spent six hours there, struggling to stay awake in the WARMTH of the building. We had to take turns walking about, chatting with the other vendors. I did manage to befriend the other soaper. He was very nice, and we spoke for quite some time. He has a store in the small town where this show took place. He also sells candles.

The bottom line is that as the show was coming to an end, it was evident we were not going to do very well! We took a little consolation in the fact that everyone was in the same boat, save the woman across from us. She made out well, selling much of her stuff totally out. The woman with the glassware was so disgusted, expressing that “junk” should not be allowed….ah well………

One of our customers was a woman who looked as though she had wandered in from outside. She was beautifully dressed, and just had a very delightful look about her! Michelle spoke with her, and it became very evident that she was taken by Michelle….she chatted with her for some time. Suddenly, she picked up a bar of Lavender soap and purchased it!

As we were coming up on the close, a couple walked in front of the table…Could it BE? Why, YES, it was! There stood Annie and Sheldon, a couple I had not seen in YEARS! We had met them years and years ago at church. We visited, and it was just the highlight of this whole thing!

Bottom line, I got to visit with old friends and I also may have a new customer. My soap making friend was amazed when I told him my pricing on shea butter! You just never know….perhaps there will be more good from this little show, but the warm memories and meeting the dear people from this facility was great!

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  1. Okay, I’ve got to hand it to you, I would have packed up and left after a couple hours of not selling anything…of course, you know I can’t sit still…

    Yeah Michelle! Sounds like she did a great job…can I borrow her to organize my house??? 🙂

  2. First, Happy belated birthday to youm mom! : )

    second-been there, done that and certainly didn’t become envious reading your description of that show, sorry to hear it was so disappointing, : (
    but Michelle was amazing!

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