The Things We Do For Love….

Yesterday, I had a couple of minutes to fiddle around….nothing TOO important to do. So, I told Murphy we would have a little fun with the camera….note the expression “little fun”…..I tried to explain that we need to get a good picture for the CyberScots card exchange. Murphy could care less…..First, I tied a pretty bow on his collar. Was Murphy impressed? I should say NOT!
So, I grabbed out the cute little reindeer ears I picked up at WalMart. Oh goodness? See those eyes? We call that “the look”!

Remember, my little Angus will sit up and wear a hula skirt for a cookie….the jury is totally out as to whether we will get a halfway decent picture for the cards! Murphy has SUCH Scottietude.

We had to take a ride to Rochester to pick up some supplies late yesterday afternoon. On the way back, Mark wanted to stop by a small floral shop across from the cemetary where his dad is. The store is so cool. It is a huge log “cabin” with a fireplace filling one of the end walls. They had really pretty wreaths so Mark had one custom made for his dad’s grave. It was truly a labor of love, as I could see Mark thinking about his dad and fighting to keep the tears back. Christmas was his dad’s favorite time of the year…….

Tomorrow is the little craft show I decided to do. I sure hope it does well. I worked liked crazy getting things reaydy today. I am still a bit behind, but we will see how it all works out!

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  1. Oh *snort*
    Scottietude, too funny!
    good luck with that picture, snow is on the way here for Friday, definitely going to get something, just hope it’s not too much….

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