Somehow, I MUST Have Lost My Mind!

Sure, I hear you….she didn’t have a *whole lot* going on before! Ah well….

Late Thanksgiving night, after my family had gone home and we were relaxing (it was such a great day, after all!) Mark made the comment that perhaps we should get up *early* and go shopping…did I HEAR that right?

We had gone shopping early one Friday morning many years ago. We went to Hills to grab a Tonka Truck for Ben for Christmas. We even stood in line to wait until the doors opened so we could grab our little treasure….In the end, that little truck was well worth every moment we stood in that line. Ben played with that truck for several years, often sitting atop and scooting about…..

And so, in a moment of total insanity (having lost all common sense and sensibility) I said I was game. The catch? Well, Mark had seen a laptop that was at a very good price at Office Max. AND, the doors were opening at 5 am. Mark assured me he would happily arise at 4….I decided I needed to be in bed by 11, so I grabbed my cell phone and set it for alarm at 4 am. By 11, I was in bed…..however, I was unable to sleep! I NEVER have trounle sleeping! Perhaps it was my Macy’s Gift Card I earned with points from my business charge card….

At 4, I faithfully got up. Not wanting to rouse anyone too early, I awakened Mark and Michelle at about 4:15. We were off and on our way a little late, at about 4:30. We arrived at Office Max at exactly 5:08. Mark asked me to “rush in” and see if any of the laptops were left.

There was NO *rushing* this day! As I entered the store, I was alarmed to see people with hair in place, neatly dressed, casually shopping as though it was midday! I looked for the laptop, but couldn’t find it. I asked a nice associate, and he directed me to the customer service desk. I waited for three people in front of me. While waiting, I spotted one box with the laptop, sitting on a pile. When the associate came forward, I asked, and he handed me the *last* one!

I hurried (hahaha) to the checkout, firmly grasping the box in my hand, braced to punch anyone who might try to grab this baby! I waited in line for what seemed like an eternity! Finally, the woman in front of me checked out, paying about $285 for three Kodak C433 cameras, three starter kits, and three 1 G cards for the cameras. I was impressed! As soon as I checked out (I must have been in there for 45 minutes!) I raced to the truck where Mark praised me and my successful trip!

We headed to the mall across the street, but somehow, I was just not in the mood to shop. I noticed that others had sales fliers in hand, diligently searching out specific items. I admire folks like that….I am so impulsive…I feel like a buckin’ bronco when cornered with such meanial things like shopping lists! I like to kind of linger about, looking at everything. Of course, shopping trips where I can *graze* are getting fewer and fewer…seems I am always hurrying about anymore!

By the time we were finishing up, Carly called on the cell phone. It was her birthday, and I wanted to see her, but figured she was busy. As it was, her kids were at her hubby’s parents’ house….ahe had gotten up early as well, to buy a microwave at Lowe’s. Her local store told her the black units were special order, although the ad clearly listed them as available. Mark told Carly if she wanted to meet at *our* Lowe’s, he would talk with the manager to check out the situation.

We met, and Carly and Michelle ran into the store before Mark and me. By the time we were getting out of the truck, Michelle came out to tell us Carly was buying the model she wanted!
We looked around a bit, then headed to a local hamburger joint to grab some lunch.

By the time we arrived home, it was nearly time for the Buffalo Sabres game! I managed to stay somewhat coherant during the game, only *passing out* a couple of times. The game was a bit of a disappointment as Buffalo lost. The good news is that they are STILL number one! Yay!

After arising at 4 am two days in a row, I have decided that I would rather sleep in until a bit more of a respectable hour. After all 5 am *is* one hour later!!!!

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  1. Wow, I’m amazed! I sooo wanted to go shopping at 4 a.m. BUT, I was working and just couldn’t make my body do both! I loved your story…having BTDT so man times, I could literally *see* you in the store making off with the very last laptop! 🙂

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