In Loving Memory…..

Of my father-in-law, Albert Catalano. No, it isn’t his birthday, or anything like that, but as I sat in the living room surrounded by the early morning darkness, I thought about him….

With the holidays coming up, I guess it is natural to think about my father-in-law, because his family was so very important to him. Mark said as he was growing up, his dad always attended his hockey games. Al was always there…for support, advice, you name it! Even when Mark was all grown up, he spoke with his dad by telephone nearly every day, seeking advice and just enjoying his company.

When we got little Angus, my father-in-law fell in love with him right away! In 2003, Al spent time in a nursing home recovering from a surgery. The home had a special picnic in early summer, and he invited the family to attend! Mark and the kids took Angus and BOY was that Scottie dog a HIT! My father-in-law placed Angus on his scooter and proudly took him around to show the residents!

That same year, Al was home again in time for Thanksgiving. So, we had Thanksgiving at his beautiful apartment. I was a little concerned, as we were watching Angus’ mother while her family went to visit relatives for the holiday. Al wasn’t the least bit concerned about having two dogs…..bring them both, he said!

And, we did! Michelle crafted a little headpiece for Sadie to wear, and we giggled and laughed as my father-in-law invited “Pochahontus” and Angus to the dinner table.

As we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, may we hold those who surround us close to our hearts and lives. We have all been admonished to do this, but on that Thanksgiving in 2003, we never would have believed that in January 2005, Al would leave this world behind. We sure do miss him….

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