Eeeewwww! What an UGLY Day!

No kidding! This picture was taken from our front porch at noon today! The fog did eventually roll away for a couple of hours later in the day, but it is back again….along with drizzly, damp weather!

For being a Monday, this day was somewhat quiet. I remember seeing a tee shirt a few years ago that teased about “cancelling Mondays”. After last week, I did NOT want to crawl our of bed this morning, but it did turn out to be a decent day! The weather made it kind of “cozy” to just hang out inside the house without that feeling of “missing something”!

This morning, I dragged all of the little candle type lights out of the storage area, and put them up in the living room and dining area. I couldn’t wait for the darkness to set in tonight, as I love the glow of those little lamps! We have six windows, so it gets pretty “bright”.

Well, this was one of those mundane, rather ho-hum kind of days. It would have been a great day to curl up and read, but alas, other tasks called.

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