Eeeewwww! What an UGLY Day!

No kidding! This picture was taken from our front porch at noon today! The fog did eventually roll away for a couple of hours later in the day, but it is back again….along with drizzly, damp weather!

For being a Monday, this day was somewhat quiet. I remember seeing a tee shirt a few years ago that teased about “cancelling Mondays”. After last week, I did NOT want to crawl our of bed this morning, but it did turn out to be a decent day! The weather made it kind of “cozy” to just hang out inside the house without that feeling of “missing something”!

This morning, I dragged all of the little candle type lights out of the storage area, and put them up in the living room and dining area. I couldn’t wait for the darkness to set in tonight, as I love the glow of those little lamps! We have six windows, so it gets pretty “bright”.

Well, this was one of those mundane, rather ho-hum kind of days. It would have been a great day to curl up and read, but alas, other tasks called.

A Grand Way to Spend a Gloomy Day!

We adults often charge ourselves with being too “set in our ways”. You know the feeling….you sit and watch the same TV show, or perhaps sneak off after dinner to enjoy the ice cream that you have been nibbling at for a week….Somehow, this strange feeling of guilt creeps in, making you feel so awful. Then, you realize that you are deriving a sense of pleasure and you suddenly become aware that the behavior has become a *habit*. And, now that the behavior has been properly named, you realize that you are officially “set in your ways”.

Ah, not to feel alone!

Michelle had her friend Katie for a sleepover. Katie has been here before. Several times! However, for some reason, the kids remembered back to one time when Katie came, and they had a grand waffle party, complete with Angus, the Scottie, sitting in a youth chair, thoroughly enjoying the whole scene! (and some food!)

So…..when the kids got up, they were persistantly insistent that I make waffles so they could have a waffle party with TWO Scotties! Now, I really need to check the date on the FIRST party, as I think it was probably three years ago, when Angus was about a year old.

One of the most noticable differences between the first party and this one is that the kids are so much older now! And, it seemed like having the pup at the table was enough to make them happy the first time around….note the MP3 player atop the table this time……AND, see how the poor abused pups were invited to a BARE (for them, anyway) table!!!

Angus is on the left, and Murphy is in the youth chair. Look at Angus….head propped up on the table as though he is thinking the CUTER he is, the better his chance of getting SOMETHING!!!

Murphy just keeps looking at the table, as though *perhaps* food will appear……..

And Angus (very clever boy that he is) decides to “sit pretty” on the CHAIR!

Well, Angus’s ploy worked, because the Scottie Charm eventually overuled the three hungry tummies sitting at the table! The kids got up and prepped two small plates….one each, with a tiny waffle topped with real maple syrup and fresh whipped cream!

Murphy thought he was in waffle heaven! He wolfed his serving down…….

whereas Angus was a bit more dainty, taking some time to savor the flavor! (notice Murphy)
Finally, Murphy could take it no longer and volunteered to HELP down the waffle!

It really was a gloomy day here in the Bristolwood, complete with a quite dense fog outside. We were toasty and warm, heated not only by the woodsotve, but also the love that comes from being the owner of two adorable little Scottie boys who add so much to our lives!!!