When Things Get Turned Around

Ah, life is much better, now!

The little doggie boys are doing fine. I have no idea what upset both of their stomachs so, but they are both just as fine as can be.

We located the missing oils! AND, we now have them in our possession! Hurrah!!! We discovered that they went to Buffalo. They were just hanging out there, and the company decided to just send them back to the Bronx from whence they came. This is where we entered the picture.

Apparently, our company sent out another trucking company to acquire the oils from “da Bronx”. (hmmmm….wonder if our company is *chicken* to drive in the city?) So, the driver from the “sent” company must have been confused, as he then sent my order off with a DIFFERENT company than MINE! The oils made it all the way to Buffalo, when we called to find out. They were about to send them back…..We asked them if they would deliver them instead. Well, they wanted to charge us three TIMES the amount! Youzers! We called a gadzillion times…..finally, between OUR company, THEIR Buffalo and Bronx terminals, we were able to settle for the proper amount, and we received the oils yesterday, early afternoon! Fortunately, this is NOT typical.

After getting the oils, we were off to Rochester. We had to visit my mother in law. She had a problem with the TV in her bedroom. So, we grabbed a new one for her and delivered it to her.
We also needed to redo the vent we installed on her roof. The brackets needed to be replaced, so Ben and I got up on the roof to fix it. We got there late in the afternoon, and BOY, was it CHILLY up there. To add a bit of insult to injury, Ben was up there making a MOVIE with his little MP3 player…..what a corker! BTW, the little Archos MP3 player we got from Sam’s Club is phenomenal! It cost only $167 and it is amazing. It plays music, can be used as a camera or camcorder, (although only 1.6 pixels?) stores pictures, AND plays movies! It is 20 gig. Ben has been having the time of his life with that little player! It sure is cute and FUN!

Yesterday was Mark’s birthday, so we are two down, two more to go! I made him his favorite food for lunch….grilled Buffalo style chicken breasts (with hot sauce and bleu cheese dressing on the side), coleslaw, and brussel sprouts. (Michelle BEGGED me for those…isn’t that funny?)

After sitting on the roof at my mother in law’s house late yesterday afternoon for probably about an hour, I was ZAPPED when we got home. (all that fresh air, I guess!) I was too tired to even write!

Today’s agenda is to secure the camper for the winter. I hate doing that, as I often have these funny ideas about going camping in the winter. Ah well….I am not real fond of camping in the summer at campgrounds, as the (VERY often overwhelming) campfires kind of get to me. I love a LITTLE whiff of oak or hickory smoke now and then, but when you drive through great clouds of smoke, looking for your site, it is a wee bit too much! hehehe The camping “culture” can often be kind of humorous……