Lubs Dem Apples!

The other night I posted about my baked apple recipe….and went to bed feeling very hungry and deprived! So, I decided that since these apples ARE apples, and they have goodies that are mostly *breakfast* food, they should be eaten for breakfast!

My kids LOVE these things! What fun to wake up to the scent of apples and goodies baking in the oven! My daughter, Carly, called this morning to ask for the recipe since she was already downstairs, and didn’t have access to her computer. She began thinking of new additions to the recipe while we spoke….she added some vanilla syrup and apple pie spice! She was doing some work on her house today, and as she told me about that when she called late this afternoon, I forgot to ask about the apples… they were good, though!

My Scottie soaps are on their way and I will wrap and send out 200 bars of Cinnamon and Clove bars this coming week. Then, my soap making self can slow down just a bit, making a small batch of the 10 different Scottie varieties……I will probably just make a small batch of 24 soaps each day. That way, I will be able to have some control over my swirlies, and I always feel a bit more confident with smaller batches.

We need to winterize the camper….quickly! We had such a surprise when the temps turned from fairly comfortable to really frosty! We had not had a good hard frost, then yesterday, late in the day, we had a snowstorm! The temperatures plummeted downward and we were shocked that the snow, albeit a rather skimpy amount, stuck! Now, I heard the weatherman announce that the temperatures this time next week will be pushing towards the 70 degree mark. Such wild swings……