Finally, I Can Sit Down!

Monday is generally the craziest day of the week. I guess that is pretty much true with most people, but today was just a very busy day.

By the time 9 am rolled around, I had made 2 small batches of soap, done two loads of laundry, and cleaned up the kitchen. I was pretty pleased with myself, but by the time 3 pm arrived, I was ready to go belly-up! It was a good thing I made a crockpot meatloaf early this morning, or the family would be left with no supper. I had to do a lot of lifting to move boxes about and my legs were so tired!

I am just now getting a chance to get some puter time, and I was so amazed when I went to my friend, Becky’s blog……as I was helping Ben wheel the handtruck to the front of the house with boxes for the UPS man, I was simply in awe of my miniature rose bush. I had photographed it previously, but it is full of the prettiest flowers! Because of the stomach bug I suffered last week, my flower beds are in total disarray….leaves are littering the plantings. But, there, in the midst of the chaotic mess stands that tiny little bush.

I wanted to take some pictures today, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day! After the high winds of this weekend, it was had to believe that the temperatures pressed well into the 50’s today. The sun shone with splendor all through the entire day, and the sky was such a beautiful bright blue. I did grab a few shots.

The (naked) Bristolwood. You can see so deeply into the woods. It is hard to imagine you have this ability; only a month ago, the woods was filled with lush greenery and you were fortunate to see maybe 50′!

I leaned out the window to catch the sun setting in the west, heading over the next hill….It is hard saying good-bye to such a stellar day!

And, of course, as I was snapping pictures, I looked down and found a ham in the leaves!

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  1. We’re in our Indian Summer here Kae, it feels so awesome to walk outside in just shirt sleeves, wish it stayed like this all year!

    I was in our woods the other day and it sure is different from the lush green of summer, but I also like the skeletal looking trees and the heavy layer of crunchy leaves, but I’ll be looking forward to spring flower hunting all winter long, lol!

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