SInce I Feel Better Now

There are a ZILLION things I need to do! Thankfully, I have pre-packaged most of those Scottie dog soaps! I need to get a label made up for the soaps. I am putting them into kraft gift boxes filled with “French vanilla” colored paper shreds. The shreds will help keep the soaps from bouncing around on their final journeys. I have given the company “exvlusivity” for the Scottie soaps made in the scents offered. So, the label will bear their logo on it. I plan to seal each box with a little gold or silver foil circle.

We decided that since we would be running to Office Max to have the labels laser printed, this might be a good time to look into buying a laser printer. Yikes, laser printers are really wild….Mark has always done self-refills on the ink in the inkjet printers. Now, the inkjet printers are being equipped with a small “chip” to make it nearly impossible to refill. We have discovered that the laser printers are up to the same nonsense. No wonder the printer companies are practically giving away their printers….they will make up for it, and then some, on the consumables.

Yesterday, we had to take the new truck in for a “fix”. When we bought it, there was a problem with the wheel flair on the front passenger side. The dealership ordered a new flair and we had to run down to get it fixed. While there, we decided to take a ride to Sam’s to do a bit of shopping.

Mark spotted a really cool MP-3 player. It is made by a company called Archos. He snatched one up and now we are thinking he SHOULD have bought another. (the kids fell in love with them!) They not only do video and audio, but the little bugger is also a camcorder! The quality might not be the greatest, but the kids have been having a ball making videos of everything!

And, speaking of Archos MP-3 players, they are coming out with a new model that is REALLY cool. It has a bigger screen, and it does music, videos, AND it will be able to surf the web and do email WIFI! Gads, I am turning into a GEEK! Shhhhh….don’t TELL anyone!

Mark suspected this several months ago when I insisted I REALLY needed the Motorola cell phone that sings, dances, etc. Well, we each got one, but to our dismay, our carrier (Verizon) has basically turned off all of the cool features that make the phone so great. We did to do some cool things with it, though, only because Mark is persistant. He was able to get Verizon to turn options on and off, so we could use the phones as modems when camping. This meant we were able to read email and still surf the web. (so long as service was available!) That was nice, as we could upload pictures from our camera and share them with family.

Well, enough of the geek report! We are supposed to be getting some (very) high winds passing through late tonight and tomorrow. With three vehicles parked in the driveway (yes, we have a three bay garage, but it has yet to be properly organized….) I am hoping no branches are loose above them! We have never had any problems in the fourteen years we have been here, so I am not worried!

Have a great weekend and keep WARM!

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better Kae!
    Don’t get me started on printers/cartridges……UGH!

    Glad to hear about the MP3 player, I’m window-shopping right now for Christmans! : )

  2. This is the second time I visit your blog and find an interesting article perfectly matching what I was searching for so I decided to add your feed to my RSS Reader. Thanks for you work.

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