Phew…..I *Think*

I thought I was over with the horrible stomach bug that was bothering me a few days ago, but it kept rearing its ugly head….over and over!

Yesterday, I rammed through the day, determined NOT to be bothered by this stupid bug. I did fairly well. And, the culmination was when I made a four pound batch of soap and divivded it into five separate types. I was so pleased with myself. However, I was soooo hungry. (I have been taking it rather easy, as stomach cramps seem to follow after any food ingested!)

Well, the phone rang, and Ben brought it up to me. So, I talked awhile…As I was talking, I went downstairs just because it felt good to walk around a little. I noticed some Zatarain’s Jambalaya with cheese that was left on the stovetop. Hmmm….it sure looked good. And smelled good. I grabbed a little bowl. I filled it up and began eating. It tasted SO good. I finished the bowl, then shamelessly grabbed more. Did I care that it was a “little’ spicy? Nah! It tasted so good, HOW could I care?

Oh boy….you guessed it. I was up at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, and finally up to stay at 5am. My stomach was just not quite ready for that rice! I have been taking it easy today, trying not to stress out at all, hoping this “thing” will just go FAR away! So far, so good. I ate a piece of toast a couple of hours ago and am feeling OK. No cramps at all.

Hopefully, this miserable little bout is done now. My poor stomach is rebelling….it has made more noise today than I have ever heard! Perhaps another piece of toast and a ginger ale is just what I need….