Tomorrow is Only a Day Away!

And, I am thankful for that!

Yesterday was one those days when everything goes wrong. I have an account for which I am making 200 bars of soap. I have been working like a crazed soapier….get the soap out of the molds, then immediately rinse the mold and make another batch. I make rather small batches of soap, as I really like the feeling of being in control of the whole process.

Well, when I went to unmold yesterday, boy, did I get a surprise! The soap just hung in the mold, laughing at me. I pushed, shoved, ran hot water over the mold….to no avail. I finally got so angry, I just left the whole kit and kaboodle, figuring it would come out later. Now, mind you, I have made about ten more batches JUST like this one with no problems.

This set the pace for the entire day.

The UPS man came to deliver a custom order for us. We were supposed to receive three boxes. And, we actually got two! We need to hustle this order right back out, so we really didn’t need a delay.

Shortly after the UPS man left, Mark received a phone call from the guy he ordered a truck cap from. Joy of joys….the paint color on the new truck has been deemed “problematic”. The company that makes the caps sent the guy four “possible” samples of paint for the new cap. The salesman wanted to know if we wanted to drive the two hours to his business to match the paint chip to the truck? It was getting late, the sun was fading, and in the process of this wonderfully delightful day, I was having stomach cramps and experiencing the “green apple trots”. Mark was considering sending me off into the sunset, when he worked out a deal that we would be at his business at 8 am this morning.

Before going to bed last night, I was determined to get that soap out of the mold! I worked and worked….this is a plexiglass vertical mold. I struggled until I could finally hear the vacumm breaking on the soap and it ever-so-slightly began moving in the mold. As it was, I struggled to get every single bar of soap out of that mold. Ben helped me and between the two of us, it was all we could do to force that soap out.

When I went to bed, I was determined I was going to wake up “all better”! I fell asleep sometime after 10:30. I was awakened at about 11, when Ben excitedly called up to tell me that the Buffalo Sabres had won another game! (GO SABRES!) I was then awake again at 2:30, 4:30, and finally up at 5:00. We bustled about and were out the door at 6 this morning.

I was so tired. My guts ached from putting so much force on that soap mold! By the time we got to our destination, we were about 1/2 hour early. We stopped at McDonald’s and I made two trips into the restroom. Nope, my stomach was STILL off!

We went to the business to match the paint chip. It was so gloomy and overcast, we were afraid we could never match the paint. I finally thought that perhaps if we lowered the tailgate, we could put the chips directly on the truck and get an accurate match. The guy, Mark, and I all picked the same chip, so we were good to go. And, we did!

I stopped at a local grocery store and picked up some Immodium. Thank heavens for that stuff. It finally got rid of the cramping and running to the bathroom. We went shopping for a little and by the time it was noon, I was starving! I ate half of a lunch from Boston Market, and it tasted so good!

When we got home, the UPS man delievered our missing box….I asked if HE had mis-delivered it and we both giggled when he made a comment about not being able to get away with anything!

So, I made another batch of soap this evening and all is well in the Bristolwood. Thank heaven, the unexpected is not the normal here! And, here’s to tomorrow!

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